Semi rare (1/80)

I was wondering what other semi rare monsters there are.

I have Pearex, Frost Jack, Cherub, Metallo, Levi and Rexy.

I probably have a couple more that I can’t think of.

Are there any more?

I’m not too bothered about starters.

Try looking in lachzeers thread there are alot of semi rares there !

My list also specifies each one that has 1/80 spawn chance, so check that out as well (pinned in the Where’s that Monster section.) I’m moving this topic to FAQ, since it not asking for monster locations.

Nilo and Lavaraptor.

However Lavaraptor seems a lot more common than Nilo. Nilo shares the same spawn rate as Cherub, which is indeed 2%.

I’m not sure if this counts, but also Musharoo and Twiggy. They seem pretty tough to find.

Oh yes, and sizzler.

Just in case. ^^;

Once. I found a nilo. I didn’t know it was rare. So I used a silver card on it. I missed, I was like oh well I’ll come back. And. I find ojt it was semi rare. I wound up a ball and threw it across my backyard. And made a very loud noise.

I have a Lavaraptor, Nilo and Sizzler. I have the 2nd evo of twiggy at rank C. So I’ll be going for a better class. I’ll try and get the mushroo later on.

Then I suggest looking at Ashley’s list