Season finale suggestion

I was thinking about a potential “grand finale” for the end of the first season. I wonder if it would be possible to have 2 or 3 different online missions to choose from, you could only pick one to do, and you were GUARENTEED the prize at the end of the mission.

An example would be two “twin” like arks that could have the same move set, and would have a move that would counter each other. Making it so one choice isn’t better than the other, it would be based on which one you like the looks of better.

Another idea would be to have it be 3 “starter” like monsters, and if you ever plan to release additional content to single player, you could make them catchable with the same odds as the current starters and hatchlings.

This gives players a diversity of new arks to see and look forward too, and you get an opportunity to pick an ark unique to your taste. And instead of the same OM for a season ender, it goes out a lot more exciting and rewarding for the people who havnt been able to get an OM ark on there own.

I wish I would have thought of this earlier, but feel free to add to it.

I’m sure they already have the releases planned out, but I really like this idea!

I just hope that we’ll be seeing the other OM arcs released into the wild as a finale :smiley:

Nice idea but a large proportion of the people who play HI are catch-em-all players who would hate the idea of having to choose to not have certain arks in their collection

They could always release them at a later date.

I like this idea, they could give them at a later date like the OM missions, but for the final

this would be cool to get the prize at the end like the start of the game. c:

I think week 10 should let you chose one of the arks from the season to catch. If would have to be one that you didn’t get during the season. Then in the 2nd season they should release S1 W1 during S2 W1, S1 W2 during S2 W2, etc.

Err…the online missions award monsters that were previously unreleased…we already know what these monsters are, and there are currently no “twin monsters” that aren’t already in the game. Destructor and Guardiron were, but one has been done. 

However, if they make more monsters in the future…say, my Hydroserpent idea…they could do that and release a Hydroserpent/Hydrablazer special for season two’s finale.

So yeah…I can pretty much guarantee you that this won’t happen for S1. Not enough time to make monsters just for that, considering the fact that so many other things take priority…but who knows, maybe for S2? :slight_smile:

It would be logical if they released them after the next season and the ones from the next season after that season

For example :

Season 1 Om’s arcs released after Season 2 ended.

Season 2 Om’s Arcs released after Season 3 ended

Season 3 Om 's Arcas released after Season 4 ended 

That way they wont be too quick with releasing them so the ‘‘winners’’ have the reward for themself a while

I still like the weekly release idea better, it gives you something to do every week.