Season 1 - Week 6 : The attack signal : 12-28-13 (SAT) EST 5PM GMT 10PM

[font=‘lucida grande’]27 Eggs Given Out To Everyone Who Finishes the Event!!![/font][font=helvetica]
S Rank GearHound Top 10% [/font]
[font=‘lucida grande’]Starting [/font]12/28/2013 (Sat) 5PM EST, 10PM GMT

[font=‘lucida grande’]To get started on it immediately after the event is live, please force quit your app and relaunch it. (Please DO NOT DELETE your app).[/font]

[font=‘lucida grande’]Here is how: [/font][/font]
Please Visit the Fair Practice Mission Policy for more details about how the prize is distributed.[/font][font=helvetica][/font]


So many awesome OM arcs :o 

Can’t wait for the end of the season so that they are released into the wild :smiley:

looks nice :slight_smile:


Omg yes !!! Finally!

THE WOLF SHALL BE MINE!!! (to me it looks like a wolf ^ )

His name is “Gearwolf” so you guessed right.

hmm Gearwolf/Gearhound THEY WILL BE MINE!!! ^^

Is this ark good? What are it’s other moves? I think I already have rooknight for no defense wondering whether I should put myself in pool B for this. It’s vulnerable to metal slash, after all. And some other threads did say that it’s not fit to be 11 stars. Please give a little hint about this :slight_smile:

It actually could be quite useful if placed in the starting lineup, because it’s pretty fast (22 speed), and can use no guard to power up your team if your team is going to go before the opponent’s monsters go. 

It is a major damage dealer otherwise, and exists to do high damage. It is weak to metal slash and holy, so you would want to use it with caution. 

I see. Ok thanks! I’ll just get it from the eggs then. Is it possible to give out info on its moves?

Rend and no defense.

That’s all I’m giving you because surprises.

This is a great ark to get :slight_smile: good luck everyone!

Will it be a fusion monster like mossgolem because i have really bad luck with gold egg spins

Yes it is a fusion, and this information is located in my monster list I posted in the Where’s that Monster section. It shows all of the ones that are evolutions and fusions (in part 2). 

Yeah it will with that many eggs

Saturday cant come here fast enough.

Whoo, this will be awesome!

…Octoneer is gonna be absolutely fantastic. :stuck_out_tongue:

this will atract alot of players!

Rend one of my favorite move