Season 1 - Week 2: Inferno Unleashed: Live Now! Ends 12/5/2013

27 Eggs Given Out To Everyone Who Finishes the Event!!!

Starting 5 PM Eastern Time, 10 PM GMT. 

To get started on it immediately after the event is live, please force quit your app and relaunch it. (Please DO NOT DELETE your app).

Here is how:

Please Visit the Fair Practice Mission Policy for more details about how the prize is distributed.


Here is a countdown timer to ease the confusion:


how long does it take to appear and is the date supposed to say the 30th because the last mission says it expires on the 28th?

And lastly, why is it season 1: Week 2 when this is the third event, or did the first one not count?

Awesome not till after school

oops didnt pay attention not till saturday

first one didnt count, so that more people have a chance to win something awesome. 

date is the 30th, the time is in the first post! please read it! 

Gmt is europian time right ?

This will start at 5 am in the morning, in monday, if you already moved it back 1 day, why you have tomake it in themorning?make it at 8 pm est like first, this will make people in asia,e specially southeast asia region suffer because it was so early in the morning, if it was 8 pm est, it will be 8 am in the morning that way, we could participate easily
Last event was 8 pm est too, why this one need to be 5 pm?

8 PM Eastern time was cause for a lot of complaints. And this time will be as well. That’s just how it is. Given that people come from all around the world, there will always be an angry group of people out there. 

How many people play the game? So we know the estimated amount of prizes.

we will release the numbers soon.

sorry about the time zone issue, we need to find a good solution…last time it was too late for people in Europe, this time Asia is taking one for the team…i realize this is pathetic.   

Wait so these 27 eggs, do we actually get to keep what comes in them? And what are silver eggs?

Loving the aus times 11:30 am and 9 am both on sunday

@reedobandito: Yes, you keep whatever you get in the eggs.

Honestly, I like the shuffle.

This way everyone takes one for the team

No one can complain if everyone gets the short straw occasionally

Cool, sounds like a great deal for 300 gold. But what are silver eggs  :huh:

How many hours left.?

I’m assuming when that clock hits 22:00 or 10PM.

Just curious, is there a reason why we cannot feed the monsters we get in the eggs to other monsters? Just to keep players from easily leveling?

 basically the problem here is that it will ruin the game for people who are still in the first few towns. having said that, we are working on a fix where players near the end will have an option to feed them. please give us some time.

No problem at all, thanks for the reply!

Guys i am from india it is like 3:30 in the morning the mission starts that a very odd time