Season 1 - Week 1: Ancient Weapon: Ended 11/28/2013

New Mission is OUT!!!

To get started on it immediately, please force quit your app and relaunch it. (Please DO NOT DELETE your app).

Here is how:


  • 23 Mission Eggs Given Out to Every Player! 

I need to score deletroids 5/23 mission eggs? Oh no I’m so doomed :confused:

or just win :slight_smile:

First 100… That’s kinda ( very ) hard.

i think if you start right when the event starts, you should have a pretty good chance, not many players active on the events yet, and because the last one was so easy, everyone had over 2 days, people are time sensitive yet :slight_smile:

Well that kinda cheered me up a lil… Just hope that I can get the time zone right :0

oops, made a mistake on start time! edited! 

Just 100? So i would need to start playing this event at around 2am-3am (EUROPE!) here to even get a chance… 

Set your alarm, wake up, do it, then go back to sleep :wink:

I am on asia, from now, in U.S time, how many hours will the event start? I wanna get on it as soon as possible, thank you!

Ps: i am in malaysia/indonesia time zone

sorry about the time difference. will try to do a better job next time separating the events. 

damn guys… i wanted to sleep  T_T probably i’ll also get somethin lke 4 deleteroids…

Same my Europian time will be 2 or 3 hour in the evening ! I do have work at 8 am in the morning… Thats a though thing! Guess no sleep for me tonight…

Will there be an update preceeding the online mission? And how many hours from now the event start?

#please delete my post on number 10. I think it count as doublepost

If I’m correct the event starts at 9 am for those in the GMT+8 timezone

Thank you!

I totally misread ! It says PM so It means that it’s here in Europa at 2PM ?

Im confussed about the timezones but I guess im right ?

Just a quick question though it may have been already answered…

But will these event Arcs be available after the event is over ?

By some other way ?

Or is it screwed if you miss a week or the day of the release ? Cause that would be sad :frowning: 

Refer to this

What happen if I buy a mission egg when the new weekly event starts? Do I get the final prize or I only get one of the arks needed to create the final prize?