Season 1 - Week 7: The Holy Force, Starts 1/4/2014 5PM EST, 10 PM GMT.

Happy New Year! We have a new mission 

Season 1 - Week 7: The Holy Force

Starts 1/4/2014 5PM EST, 10 PM GMT. 

S Rank Haniwel awarded to the Top 10%. 
19 Eggs Given Out To Everyone Who Finishes the Event.

To get started on it immediately after the event is live, please force quit your app and relaunch it. (Please DO NOT DELETE your app).

Here is how:

Please Visit the Fair Practice Mission Policy for more details about how the prize is distributed.

Rawr! I will get the holyforce! Young mattawans, do not give in to the darkforce! I’m scared of the dark! /lamejokeover

Ur in pool A or B ?

This one also has life flip :wink:

Isn’t that then the first one with life flip ? Or what does this life flip do again?

A :slight_smile: My chances are good, because I have a good lineup :slight_smile: And I’m decently fast at dungeon delving :o

First good one with life flip. It flips life for all allies. 10/1000 = 990/1000, and vice versa.

Yeah but you’re in the 10% pool lol thats easy! haha .

Im in the 1% pool since I got Destructor and everything else

This will be an awesome strategic Arkadion :smiley:

LOL my meowzards polymorphed this before. It’s really good :slight_smile:

that sounds mouth watering …lol

The only thing my meowzard ever polymorphed where bluechicks


Yeah its funny Thats its always bluechicks of lvl 99

This will be an easy one to get my lineup is set lol
Although it is a little dissapointing compared to previous rewards in terms of rarity

^the rarity is the same. I think you’re talking about the stars here. While it may not have as many stars as the previous OMs, I think it is still strategically good. After all, if pvp was decided by stars, no one would be using chopperbug or even orcow.

I did get it everything so ill get it this time as well!

i need this. What does attak all teams mean? Does that mean it hits every monster in the opposing team?

Ya just would have been micer seeing those wxtra stars lol. Makes doing om seem more worth it

Yeah but there are only a few 12 stars