Scb video

Was asked to do the next scb with zero legends


Lochi that was awesome. Thank You! Plus this goes a long way in showing the community skill/experience over Mon!


Now that’s quite impressive, Lochi.

Great video :slight_smile: Was there a reason why you kept picking faststrike rather than bloodthirst with Phantomaiden? Were you planning to not quite kill a couple of those earth enemies near the beginning?

Phantomaiden is probably my favourite SE sweeper. 59TU on Slayerbane is super fast to charge bloodthirst and faststrike is basically just there to get slower kills before bloodthirst is charged. With the second attack you could’ve picked slayerbane but did faststrike instead (a mistake I thought). However, then you kept using faststrike for ages before later in the battle when you had lots of the enemy team on 1HP and were maybe thinking more about what you wanted to use Phantomaiden for?

first fastrike was to get quez second one was a guaranteed kill on atro last one was mainly cause I wanted to kill graph first so was weakening it
The last ones was mostly just judgment slayer vs fasttrike fastrike seemed the safer option
Don’t really trust slayer damage at times

Slayerbane is very inconsistent in damage I’ve noticed, even with 3+ kills it scales weirdly.

Fastrike is just more damage usually

First was to get quez?? You attacked Tezcacoatl and it was on 1HP, easy quick kill via slayerbane.

The one on Astrogolem was an obvious choice… bloodthirst wasn’t charged and it had only 21s until its turn.

I figured that Tezca attack was a mistake but then against Gryphking you used faststrike which only did half its health. Bloodthirst on Lunartic then back to faststrike for both Botanic and Gnashjaw.

I’m not trying to find fault in your playing, I was just wondering if there was a reason you chose the moves you did with Phantomaiden. I would’ve picked slayerbane at the start for the 1HP Tezca then after getting two kills kept bloodthirsting for the guaranteed one-shots at lower TU. What you did resulted in killing the enemies off much slower but with the advantage of maybe losing less health on your bloodcrave monsters. I was wondering if any of this was intentional because there’s no way I would’ve guessed that faststrike would put those enemies onto low health rather than killing them.

@Buckingham I wasn’t questioning why he wasn’t using slayerbane (except at the beginning when Tezca was on 1HP). I was questioning why he wasn’t using bloodthirst once it was charged.

To Answer your questions.

I used fastrike over slayer at start due to slayer being inconsistent.

I used blood to get moon low then went to kill the death revenge to take out a another threat, turning attention back to moon to finish it off.
Later in the match when I had the chance to kill those grass monsters I didn’t use blood cause I wanted to postpone bringing in uto just yet.
Played the match this morning so memory was foggy before, normally forgot my battles after I do them.
Main thing in that match was trying to keep control of my own monsters order, sometimes I needed stuff to die, other times I needed to postpone to get ready for the incoming threat.
OH that second fastrike instead of slayer at 1 hp complete accident forgot how slayer worked thougt it would do zero damage hahahaha

Nice vid man. You made me want to mix stuff out and try the only SE challenge myself.

Made a video as well, check it out:

Btw, i really tried to make a completly different FL, and tried to stay away from the due dogs, but after trying several things - i just had to get rid of stag, and that was the best way. So here they are shining again with abys - sleep bomb combo

Sweet I’ll watch it yeah stag is a pain duo dogs shined plus it’s good time to promote them :joy::joy:
Nerdia abyss is a great combo wish I had nerida this shows skill can win over spamming just legends :wink::+1:

Yea abyss nerdia are amazing. Also the duo dogs are suprisingly good. Never knew their heal can be used alot of times. I learned it in the middle of the fight :joy:
Can make a strong line of 2 bloodcravers, SE protector and a healer.

Great video! Love that you both did it with a very different set of super epics.

It definitely shows the rest of us that it is possible to succeed without a ton of legends.

Because of Lochi we have to keep improving our Ai.

SCB settings. Expert 1, 2; Master 1, 2; Extreme 1, 2…

Lochi 1, 2.

He’ll still.manage to beat it without legends and with only epics

Epics… could it be done?

U never know with that guy

Well, I decided to take on the challenge myself and make a video. I have neither the dog duo nor Nereida so can’t use those front lines. While experimenting I stupidly finished the fight without thinking… so didn’t make a video.

The screenshot below is the team I used. I tried not to go too crazy with stun bombs. Also, my aim was to use no SE protector stun absorbers because I don’t like to use them and most others use strategies with them everywhere. However, I needed another protector so I put one in. The team itself isn’t 100% optimised because I was making it as I went and mostly focusing on the first half… don’t go hating.

Annoyingly I can’t show you how I did it, but I can talk you through the first bit…

  1. Rexkong attack boost
    (enemy summons)
  2. Heal all to bring in Lavamane, summoning two rockoids
  3. Rexkong does Zealous Attack on Sancti
  4. Magmaraptor does Throw to kill Sancti
  5. Octoboss skipped behind Sancti, now it stun bombs
    From here I passed time with Lavamane, did a throw from Magmaraptor followed by Rexkong ultrablaze to kill Timber and bring in Dreadfish. This allows me to do a second stun bomb and I use the time to charge Phantomaiden’s bloodthirst as I sweep through a few enemies.

I’ve then got megabomb, survivor / desperate bite, bloodcrave and bloodthirst on my monsters with a SE protector behind and a TT. That’s pretty solid for getting through a lot of the enemy team. As things (inevitably) mess up then behind is a good mix of protection, stun, stun protection and where all monsters have the potential for killing enemies. The fight wasn’t too complicated once I’d done the first bit, the super epics are good monsters and stand their own against buffed legendaries.

The hardest bit here was working out how to get past Sancti with the Gravity Field going on. He’ll mess you up with the sleep all and the throw monsters tear your strategy to shreds. With Sancti gone you can stun or sleep enemies easily and take control of the match.

Nice, to bad you didnt record, would be intresting to watch :slight_smile: