Same type of monster?

It would be very nice if we could put the same monster in our team more than once.

I’m curious about the reason why this is actually forbidden, because I do not see any problems.
In any case, it is difficult to obtain multiple (more than 3?) duplicates of legendaries. And if we have a duplicate I would like to use it also in my team. It is so dubious that we obtain the same monster but can’t do anything with it…

I think the developers of the game have to make sure we do not get duplicates or just allow us to use it.

Or maybe the first duplicate of every monster must be allowed…?

…curious about your ideas…

If that was allowed people would make broken team of op legendaries i don’t think that would be a good idea honestly.

Just imagine a team with 3 Deo+TT at fl ,3-4 pengborg at middle and at end he could used 2 NR with TT!!!oh come on even thinking about it will makes my head explode!!

F2P Arash

That would be a nightmare. :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Only the 3 Deo + TT makes me wanna quit the game tbh 

1 deo and TT is bad enough lol

The second half of my team would just be multiple death gazers with a bane every 2 or 3 slots. Haha the more I think about it the funnier it seems.

imagine that :joy:I’d just have a team full of doom engines

Or tenebris :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:, crazy bastard

To the original poster you can get up to 9 duplicates for legends

He means duplicates to use at the same team, like 2 banes in a team instead of the +2 bonus

the APs say hello.

16 dragaias. Need I say more?

You could do it in hunter island in PVE not PVP. Frillzeon was assisted fire, you could have 3 on field at once and maybe like 16 monsters in reserve. I use to run a whole team of just that

I know. When this will be allowed very strong teams would arise.

But if…

everyone could use their first duplicate or maybe more…

That means that everyone will get the same option, so it does not matter anymore. Everyone will be much stronger, not only you!

This will result in equivalent teams among players. Just like now. It doesn’t change the difficulty of the game if everyone could make use of it and have strong duplicates in their team…

besides getting your favourite legendary duplicate is not that easy…

Only think about the frustration when getting a duplicate. Why do we get them?

(I hope my english is understandable.)

Players have difficulties getting one. How do you think to get 16 of it? Do you have a secret? ;D Share with us please. ;D


  1. The diffrent of power between p2w and f2p players will be increased. P2W players will become much more powerfull.

  2. Its a strategy game, its more fun and intresting to combine different monster instead of spamming the same OP monsters

  3. Some of the monsters are REALLY powerfull compare to others, but somehow it doesnt seem so bad cuz players will have 1 - 3 of them in their team. If duplicates are allowes, i dont wanna see a team with about 6 of the OP monsters.

  4. Will create anoying combos, that doesnt really have strategy behind it, just luck at hatching (assited moves, clones, etc)

It seems fun at the first moment… Especially that duplicates become useful and we could make very powerfull teams.

But I think you are right it would be very annoying to play against these types of teams with no strategy involved only power focused players.

The diversity within teams makes it more interesting. Now I think about it, I would not want to change it too.

But if I get a legendary duplicate my opinion will change again! xD it is not funny

Totally understandable i got two legendary duplicates xd it’s kinda lame yeah but better get duplicates then facing broken teams like those mentioned above.

16 nebels. Nearly undefeatable

Well i do agree with you that something has to be done abut the duplicates. The + bonus is pretty lame