Hey if anyone from the clan rise of the elites is on or sees this could you please send me a pm.

But here’s a guy that might be from the orginal roe clan

It was RoA, lochi, not RoE. You’re getting old :joy:



Ask @FlameofRecca if you can join TFA Clan. Be careful though, he is bipolar and will get very angry for no reason if you word your posts in a way that offends him!


What’s that whipper snapper all these clan names sound to similar

Nah mate, roe still exists


I had to laugh so hard when I read your comment and searched for the posts of the guy afterwards :joy:


RoE is the legendary clan that got banned from neo lounge by Monkeydluffy (didn’t know he was the dictator of the group) because YuB trolled back a bit after our clanmates got trolled and kicked from lounge by Unown and Monkeydluffy for no reason. As a result we were all banned, even those who had nothing to do with it

Oh damn I remember that now not the details though nevermind it was because roe was mass deleting the line group

This is the reason tho. And there is RoE player in tl still

It was the action of an individual

I kept getting kicked for no reason. I did nothing wrong. That was the beginning of the end

ROE members who got kicked: PM me and I’ll invite you back to “The Lounge” on Line