Hey guys, just wanted to know what’s the point of a clan? Do you just pvp? I’m not saying I want to be in one at the moment, I’m just curious.

I could tell you but you shouldnt trust me.


There isnt really a point, just people to talk with about strategies

Oh ok nice, doesn’t sound to bad. Still don’t think I would join any, but sounds pretty useful

Yea you need line anyway. It’s like a knock if if whatsapp

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@Trust_No_One try sending a PM to @FlameofRecca he might let you join TFA/RFA as long as you are a no-nonsense kind of person. If you make jokes though, he might go off on you, he’s not about that life.

I’m good on joining a clan at the moment thanks though @NMEGaryOak . But is there anyway I could get some friendly pvp going with people?

You don’t have to join a clan, get Line and join the Lounge.