for RAF members

Hi Im RAF Flash if u guys remember , how do i get back in the RAF chat group , Im starting NM again after over an year .
MonkeyDLuffy , Zardecil , Akhiash , Lochi , Yakuza ,

Nobody b in RAF chat anymore

New forum, who dis?

Hello again.

RAF is currently recruiting.

Anyone interested in joining RAF, go to this link and enter your information!

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Very funny.

Hi thanks for the application link Mr.Gary :blush::blush:. I like the soldier theme and the design so I applied . How long should I wait for my clan invite now ?:kissing_smiling_eyes:

Also I’m new to this Pokemon like game , will the clan help me ?
I’m also wondering why it asked a lot of my personal details :roll_eyes:


Oh dear, R.I.P Iseria

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Who knows? Maybe they’ll get accepted and make a heck of a pilot?

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What are you talking about Maskman

Is the clan not good ?

RAF is one of the most storied clans out there. Open a history book for once

Some would argue their the best in the world at what they do :man_shrugging: just expect one hell of a ride

I hope you didnt actually fill out information.

Thats one of Garys favorite jokes - calling Neo Clan RAF the British Royal Air Force.

RAF is Royal Aces Faction.

That website from Gary is for the British Royal Airforce.

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@iseriamona right now:


If u want an invite just let me kno

hey jamal , i think you were the one to recruit me into raf

lol no i didnt fill up the details knowing its for aor force

@jamal. in game invite or what ?

To Neomon chat in line