RNG is broken

So statistically speaking getting 2 super epic and 28 epic in 3 x 10 egg hatches and going 6 x 10 count hatches in a row without a legendary or mythic should be practically impossible…

We have all been saying this for years


Along with 42% catches going 2 for 19…

Are you for real? Ive gone 10 Packs of 10 without a single legend (only a single mythic) so if you seriously have the audacity to complain on the forum about kinda bad luck?


I don’t think he intended this post as a personal slight towards your egg hatches lol

Statistically speaking, if you did a sufficient amount of hatches, the percentage of successful (=with a Legendary/Mythic) hatches out of the total would approach the one suggested by the calculations.


Edit: and 2 of my 10 counts were the increased likelihood of a legendary egg also! Just too lazy to add that into the calculation…

Exactly my point…
Odds of 2 or fewer super epic in 30 eggs is 0.02%

And odds of no legendary or mythic on 60 eggs is 4.6%

Your likelihood of 0 in 100 eggs for legendary or mythic is 0.5%…

“Never tell me the odds”

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Bahaha unnamed

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If the 0. % wouldn’t be possible then the rng would be broken.

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You’re right… from this you can’t confirm a broken system with falsified numbers; but, the frequent statistical anomalies make it hard to trust the numbers the game provides… such as 12 for 14 on successful catches at 64% and 2 for 18 on failures at 42% catch rate… it seems the odds above 50% are exaggerated in chance of success and sub 50% exaggerated on chance of failure compared to the numbers they provide.

The 4.6% chance of no legendaries/mythics in 60 eggs is correct. However, when you’re calculating the chance of getting two or fewer SEs in 30 eggs you need to take into account the number of combinations for when you’re getting 1 and when you’re getting 2. For example, 1 SE could be the first hatch or the 30th hatch. So multiply the first bit of your calculation (SE = 2) by 435 and the second bit of your calculation (SE = 1) by 30. The answer is actually 1.06% (instead of 0.026%).

Basically yeah you got very unlucky, just correcting your maths. We all get unlucky from time to time. Sorry to hear it, hope you get some luck soon.

Ah yes, permutations with repetition. If I had one gem for everytime I made the same mistake as OP in my works, I would have a lot of gems

first time? :joy: :sweat_smile:

To my knowledge, every player that has counted up enough egg hatches to be statistically significant found that the hatching odds were correct. The unlucky hatches we get are balanced out by lucky hatches over time.

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Sorry to rub salt in the wound but I just got this in the newcomer fest.


Jajajaja all that just to say that I had bad luck in the egg event where they were giving the poison scorpion I spent 400 gems and they only gave me Draco Rosa​:joy::sob: is something a bit frustrating

But still, is it a bug or are the servers or developers themselves like this?

it’s just bad luck. someone in our clan counted all of the egg hatches in DonT’s livestreams and it was enough eggs to show that the odds are correct.

Yes bro, I have spent many gems and I only have very few legend :sweat_smile::joy::sob: it is a tornado of feelings :joy: