Guys is this normal??

I have opened more than 20 eggs and still don’t get anything but epics and super epics that i just have or
really really few time a new super epic, also with rare gems eggs i have opened maybe five but just get super epics i just have, except for one new, it is normal???
Thank you for your time, i will apreciatte and answer


Sounds pretty normal to me. 20 eggs is not that much. With quick maths you should be averaging about 1 legend in 20 eggs with the 6.1% chance and with the 4% chance about 0.8. Some of us are just less lucky than others. Keep trying and something will definitely pop up!

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Way back when I started it took me 22 eggs to get my first legend, and that was with a 4% chance, not 6.1%. It’ll happen eventually, don’t you worry.

back in my day ten packs and rare gems didnt exist


Took 5 gems instead of 4, too. That was fun.

I start play Neo when offline mision gave just 1 gem and the eggs cost 5, i am 106 rank hero and still don’t get a Mythic, i become active like a year ago, but my old cellphone was broken and i spend like 3 or 4 mounth without play, but i have been active since June 2019, and still nothing i have open a lot of eggs and rare eggs but i not having any look latelly

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