Ridicolous IC matchmaking.

Dear Devs, is me again.

Now I had 4 tickets spair and decide to spend them, I met 3 times out of 4 matches a guy called yak ampun which is 55th with an obsolete team.

Now 2 questions:

  1. How can be possible that we get matched with the same opponents so often?

  2. How can obsolete teams be so high in ranking?

Thanks for the attention.

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I think he’s around the same level as you

Nope. 28vs55

And anyway that would not justify why to play same player 3 times over 4

I believe it all comes down to number of players at that time who are in q … Even in evt , it happens when there r very few players

Same happens with me also, I got matched with DLGZ ou7 all 6 times :joy: but ignored it and it never happened again.

To be honest 28 is pretty close to 55.

And if the team was obsolete, you probably beat it every time, so good for you?

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What REALLY annoys me is the amount of people using poison teams. I’m at lvl. 200 and half of my fights are against poison based teams. Why do people make them? How do they succeed in staying competitive at level ~200? If you pick poison monsters they won’t do enough damage to reach high levels but they’ll just ruin other people’s day

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I dont know about that,but I have opinion

they leave the last ticket to make a defensive formation, so their rank will not go down

I meet Killerdog over three time on IC :expressionless: :sweat_smile:

Again I met the same person’s team 3 times.

No because was using Tagosenshi which wrect me

Could be a case of really bad drafts. I wasted all my redrafts trying to get a good mythic so I’m stuck with all the trash that comes along after that. Including poison.


Agreed ! In most of the draft poison monsters were much better ,other monster were trash.

I’ve noticed they try to queue you with teams that have also done the most recent draft. So if I’m playing right after completing the draft, there may be a lot fewer people who have also done the draft and I’ll play them more often.

Well those poison peeps are gonna have fun facing my Lilithia :kissing_heart:

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Just faced the guy called DMG DONT89, this is his team.
@Dev_VKC I guess you have cheaters in IC too and that’s ruining a lot the game experience of players. So please fix the issues.

I am truly disappointed that the impostor me is just a cheater… I thought was a good player.


bro this is not his true team,he use it when he only have 1 ticket and change his formation to AoE,

why Aoe ? because buff on aoe monster can wipe your team easily with one shot.He make that formation bcoz he not want lose his rank

Did you play his true team?

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What kind of person does that? For IC rank? Annoying other players for literally nothing. Or… Bragging rights? Jesus.

It takes all sorts to make a world

On a more positive note, I’ve gotten to use a sleep team for the first time since starting the game! (Rank 130)