UC allways against the same teams

Hi keep figting the same teams over and over again at UC its really boring
A found guy called SXF more then 6 times already or even samiii whats wroung with it??
Devs? Any idea?

Most of the time I also run to the same team 2-3 times in a row.

And there she is again

This is happening to other people too! I thought it was strange, kept meeting the same people 2-3 times in a row too.

SXF is one of the ones I’ve met loads as well.

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Same here. VN something or other with Oni, Oak, Kami again and again.

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SXF is a newb in my chat group.

I have also been versing the same teams over and over, including the names mentioned above :sweat_smile:

Same here. It’s getting annoying I just faced the same team 7x in a row… Mybad 8th time now.

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Its great when you draw the stunnable/sleeplockable ones tho lol.

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Theres a new one now something like ProRom
Dumbass with puff,rhyno,criptblade,cosmo FL with bane at midle game
So frustrating :tired_face:

Ya bane in 2nd form? I encountered 2x. Pain to deal with. Luckily i was able to bully through with Geo and BB since it was lower levels.

Speak of the devil and he shall defeat you. Just met him at 971 and lost. Fail.

Thank you for the feedback.
We will try to solve this issue in the next UC event.

Please do fix it! I was holding 3rd place absolutely fine then met the same horrible team over and over so now I’ve dropped to 4-10th. Maybe I was getting lucky beforehand, meeting good teams all the time but it’s so frustrating when you get the opposite happening. I literally had 4-5 losses before today but got another 4-5 just now from a horrible team I was meeting lots.

Sorry for the rants in this and another thread. I know I should be enjoying this UC event but when it looked like I might get 2nd or at least 3rd I’ve been finding it a frustrating experience each time I meet a difficult team to beat over and over. I’d rather be meeting a huge range of teams and feel like we’re all having the same, fair chance rather than it being about whether or not one of the teams we meet has a good chance of beating us.

Is anyone else constantly coming up against a team of 8 monsters? (I’m not complaining though :joy:)

There are 2. One is SXF and one is Bautista. And if you get them its hard to lose lol.

Dion is the ultimate dumbass troll team
Found him 4x and theres no way to beat it
Bane+BB and this lovely FL

I actually beat him once after many losses. I ran polar shiva into DR clone chain. Only worked once out of 5 though and even then i barely made it.

Just beat him again that way 1251. DR/Sleep revenge FL into polar shiva. Get them all down to HG with polar, bane kills his own team.

Then polar shiva will die. Move into DR clones.

or remove the stun protection, and then stun them.

He comes in with icegang and bb +absorver