Report hackers

This thread is for reporting hackers
Drop thier names with proof ( SS of his ign and shared Monster)
@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD It would be better if you guys ban them


I never met hacker the thing is I have met many many people having over 2 awakened mythic who I have never herd the name of. But I cannot say they are hacker

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The Mythic isn’t +9 aka not 3 sharded and the name isn’t Golden

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You are correct I have seen them but they get banned easily but they cannot access on pvp

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This dude noumaan is fishy, +0 awakened Satomi


I have tried this hack in my second account but you cannot use the mythics on online modes

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So I was in a PvP fight with this guy, and every time I killed his monster he would get 1 more monster in his reinforcements, I killed probably 15-20 of them, and he somehow still managed to have 14 monsters in his reinforcements at the end of the fight, I don’t think he has used Aurordragon, and he didn’t have any monsters with Rebirth or any token monsters summoned. Below are screenshots of the end of the fight and his nickname.

@Dev_VKC ^

Thank you for reporting.

We have checked this user. They do have Aurodragon in their pvp team, as well as the monsters that can generate Rockoids in the end of the teams. We don’t find anything suspicious in their account.


Snitches get stitches @Saluk


@Dev_VKC This guy is hacker. He awakened onyxia without shards.


@Dev_VKC look at this hacker


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Please leave hackers alone. I do not see what is wrong with trying to abuse the game.


Hackers can play games to their heart’s content, but only if they don’t do anything illegal.

Hackers can do anything they want offline

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Why all these players use hack when game provides more than enough

Thats a good question, a philosophical question that can be applied in many aspects of human society. Why do humans go to war when there is enough land in the cosmos? Why do we bathe if water is the liquid of life? Why do we litter when the earth is our home? Why do we wash our clothing when we’re just shooting our asses with micro plastics?

Now, why all these players use hack when game provides more than enough? Because hacking is the fun, nothing beat thrill of havin unlimit things and being to progress in game at preposterous speeds. All all we get bored tired so is nothing wrong with hacking, you just bored faster but as a hacker it’s for the thrill of exploiting the systems that the devs have inplace to prevent this from happening.

You should be asking why do people create alts when mods and devs strictly punish

Hacking. The poor mans whaling

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