Report hackers

k dawg

Just found 2 hackers in same day :confused:

@Dev_VKC Please ban them. We are spending hours for grinding and they’re catching mythics

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this is worrisome tbh,
before this hackers weren’t able to replicate those shards.
now they can, will they be able to catch legit mythics soon?

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I have a feeling they will tbh

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Two awakened with no shards

Don’t believe lv 162 player cheats and don’t get caught

The hacks have become alot more sophisticated some has all 3 shards but half speed and some has full speed but no shards when they are able to combine those 2 its gonna get alot more diffecukt to spot

It would be pretty good if the profile section / banner thing displays frnd code as well would be very easier to report hackers that way ig.


That player is reported before but devs don’t ban them

@Dev_VKC is there any other way to distinguish if somebody is a cheater? Because I too believe that in the near future, there will be people who have found a way to combine both three shards and full speed. If such a thing does come to pass, it will be indistinguishable to know if a player truly is a cheater

Full shard half speed is a visual bug probably I think

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I dont think so…

They cannot escape. It is very easy to tell from our side even they have full shards and speed.
We don’t ban cheaters every mins, but they will be banned soon.


But then what of players who have hr 150 and are still cheaters? Doesnt this mean that they have got away scott free for a long long time? I have been playing for 5 months my account and have reached hr 100 yesterday (quite happy about that) and there are people who may have reached almost double of what I have in the course of a month or two right?

Nope. 162 hr doesn’t mean he played for a long time. I guess he never plays pvp but do only pve. Saw some mythic’s icon in his collection that means he also do bond quest. Ly4ki ranked #34 in island challenge. You can check.