Another Cheater?

I played pyramid dungeon recently and found this guys with unusual stats in low level… How do you think about this?

1st one is a hacker, the 2nd one isn’t.

We are actively banning hackers and cheaters.
Z19 LarryOak

Larry Oak? I thought it was Gary. Lol

Level 1 with ready to ultra evolve legendary? How can he gets training point and fruit that much?

Another ones

Z19 JerryOak

Last I saw a player with chronozeros at hero rank 11.

More and more…
But i’m sure devs will do something about this…
I’ll provide informations like this again when i meet this kind of cheaters on dungeon mission…

Z19 HairyOak

Z19 BarryOak

When the monster is max evolution without max stats, then it’s a hacker. It’s perfectly possible to have it at second evolution with max stats however.

Z19 TerryOak

Max stats with RANK LVL 1, hmm smells fishy :confused:

I got 3 more ill post them later

Gotone more with bane at hero rank 1

The first one is not a hacker hes just very skilled trainer to the point he can actually capture legendaries.


Devs should fix FRIEND REQUEST issue, i cannot find any of my friends in the list and it shows only some H Ackers/newbies