Releasing Monsters

Is there anyway to release or get rid of monsters you don’t want? I have  several multiples but only want to keep the higher grade ones? Or do I have to keep everyone I catch?

Tap its card and there should be a red trashcan icon. Tap that and you should be able to destroy it.

I wish there was a sacrifice to level up option. I find it sad to just trash it.

I just wince whenever I see “destroy,” it’s so harsh ><

I like this idea, makes a little sense, though you have to be careful as people would just catch a boatload of low level monsters, after 98 or so you have one monster at 99, to me it would be worth it to capture all the ones I need to make all my monsters on my team to 99 lol

Me to, i always had a hard time “destroying” my monsters. In fact in DIB i completed every quest but the soul stone one XD never got that reward and i over threw the guild so i cant go back now

How do they even get destroyed? Do they just take the ark stone and…

…forget I asked. I do NOT want to know.

Oh god now im gonna have night mares about monsters being tortured D:

…my bad.

At least we’re not ripping their souls out to power up our other monsters -
Oh wait, that’s DIB.

I want to release my arkadions, not destroy them :’(

Well. This seems depressing. I enjoy destroying common monsters from eggs that I cannot feed to my other monsters. But if its one I caught on my own, then destroying is harsh lol

Its okay, I have heard that Breezekite meat is delicious.

Say what you will about Weidman at least he made a use out of Arkadions that were ultimately destroyed


They don’t even have flesh reset. Unless you’d like a big bowl of bones in mucus/slime


That’s all I’m going to say

And who says Breezekites have flesh


breeze + kites = kites made out of breeze

therefore, breezelings, breezekites, and breezehawks are nothing but visual air

Its a bird. Which has flesh. Plus don’t you think a mixture of sugar and cow fat would be, you know, very very very unlikely on a monster lol?

Just because it looks like a bird doesn’t mean it has to have flesh

What if it was just an illusion to look like a bird?

And no, I didn’t say it was jello

I said it was like jello

you can eat jello

I can eat rainbow plasmorexes

end of story

this discussion is over

and breezelings, breezekites, breezehawks, and other HI birds are unable to be eaten



^ look at that period. <there’s a period there to. and here>.