Feeding Arkadions?

So I know in DI you had the ability to convert your creatures to soulstones or feed them to another creature. Is this, or something similar, available in HI? So far I’ve found that you can only feed a arkadion to another arkadion if it is obtained from an egg spin. I’d like to know if I could feed duplicates I catch instead of just destroying them.

There’s nothing like this in HI. I’m kind of happy - I didn’t like that system a whole lot. But I do think we should be able to do something with the duplicate monsters. 

It would be nice if we could feed the duplicates to others as well…

I think that’s on the update list but i’m not sure

Why not post it in the suggestions thread? 

the Developers love the suggestions thread 

I kid you not

It’s probably been suggested to them like a billion times.

Feed to others to [level them up]? Maybe, but that’s sort of cheap. Too easy to level them up. I didn’t like the soul stone system, is what I meant. 

I wasn’t thinking on a scale like the eggs, more along the lines if, maybe they gain 1/3 the level worth of experience or something of that nature.

you can sell them… for silver

yeah, silver

good silver

Ready for this? You can sell S ranks for… 5 gold…

are you kidding

remember S gustbats and S sanders and stuff

Well, five gold doesn’t sound too shabby. 500 gustbats/sanders is a lot, anyway.

! gold then :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you sell them?

You can’t, we were just suggesting things. ^^

Lol. Terrible. Here you go getting my hopes up and everything.

Sorry! ><

Lol, so very sorry…