Is it possible to get a deleted monster back

So i am to blame for what happened.
Somewhere in discord or forum i heard that high rarity mons like leggies/mythics can’t be deleted any more.
So what suddenly came to me today is let’s test it with a useless leggy.(yh this was sooooooo dumb)
So i selected the new storm gf and it actually got deleted😂
Is it possible to get it back or it’s just gone?
I’m not actually making stories and i really deleted her.
If anyone has suspicions i hope devs will sort it out.


@NML_I_am_Black lmfao I can’t believe you actually baited someone into doing it


Somehow u guessed correctly…
He was the one to delete his mojinator to discourage some new guy😂
And later on one day while talking smack about some mons some guys said it’s not possible to delete em anymore.
Ironically it was over a couple of months ago and somehow i felt like testing today lmao

Honestly, I think you deserve it :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually I got my one Bitterbeast’s copy back after I deleted it and couldn’t ultra evolve him and they send me him as a reward :sweat_smile:

This got me thinking…how if we accidentally delete our own awaken mythic…imagine need to start again collecting shard.:confounded:


It’s far too easy to delete monsters. I always find myself on the delete monsters screen if I don’t lock my phone :sweat_smile:


Can say that

I hope i get her back too

@Dev_VKC wouldnt give me my jawshank back after I deleted him sooooo


LOL I see what u r doing there.

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I actually wanted to know if that was true or not, so I tested it on Dragaia and it said something along the lines of “this monster is Super-Epic or above, are you sure?” which made me suspect a bit

tbh, i kinda baited him to it

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When I used to play Neomon on my tablet it wouldn’t let me delete high star monsters. Now that I’m playing on my phone the message doesn’t pop up saying you can’t delete high star monsters

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I deleted my lavamane because i didn’t want him fully evolve and i couldn’t get him back either. The game says you always have the monster max out


I deleted mojinator, jawshank, f.d. salvia, and hiberzor so I could get the 2nd forms. I didn’t get any of them back, and I only have the 2nd form of hiberzor


Can you please contact our support team with your friend ID and in game name?
We can fix this issue that prevents you from exchanging for Lavamane in the shop.

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For the users who deleted their monsters by any reason, unfortunately we cannot find them back for you :cry: Please cherish the time you spend with your monsters. Never let them go.


May I ask, WHY does this feature exist again in the first place? Like Ik some dumb peep finna try and capture 9 noxes but like bro why does this exist, and also someone said the feature to delete leggies and mythics didn’t exist until it was fixed,


Appreciate it