"Feeding" monsters to other monsters...

I’ve noticed that whenever I hatch an egg, I get the option to keep it, or feed it to another monster for experience.
If I choose to keep the monster, is there a way you can still use the monster as food after choosing to keep it? Or is this point the ONLY time I have to option to use monsters as food?

That’s the only time you can feed them. You can destroy monsters in your bench, but you won’t get anything from them. 

That’s something they need to do about … I dont feel like deleting some Arkadions because I dont get anything for the effort I do ( Yeah I mean the effort to dispose of them ) So why not keep them even when u dont even use or need them? 

Or use them for soulstones, like in DIB :slight_smile:

Maybe you can “sell” them to the Research Institute (since it makes the most sense). Higher level and stars = more rewards. But it has to be small or it may be abused.

In the long run though, the soulstones REALLY weren’t worth it

Maybe gold for every ten Arkadions dumped?

If that was to happen then everyone will become millionaires lol

Or maybe if it only counts if you dump lvl 99s.

They should set them like when you destroy them you get gold or sliver or something

Could be, but you still have to collect your rewards manually when you get 101 arkadions or 30 lvl 99s. So I was thinking this could be the same thing. It won’t be as simple and easy but it’ll make more sense. Because if you destroy an arkadion… who’s paying you? o_O

Totally legit

I’d sign up for that