Reincarnation idea

What about allowing a level 99 ark to be reincarnated for a cost of 100k silver into a level 1 of a single grade higher. So if you had a level 99 E grade ark for 100k silver you could reincarnate them into a level 1 D grade ark of the same type. If they an evolved form of an ark they would become a level 1 of the evolved form so you wouldn’t be able to use this as a way to unevolved an ark. This would allow players who wish to increase their arks grade to do so without a grade booster, but with a great deal more time and effort to do however. I would imagine players would only use this method on very special arks due to the time required to do this. What do you think of this idea?

This would make ppl let their arkadions die

It is not death but rebirth. :slight_smile:

Just ONE grade seems too low for something at level 99 to be sacrificed (alongside 100k gold) so maybe just max the grade? Or make it multiple grade boosts depending on the amount of silver you spend?

That was sort of the point since grade boosters are very rare. This would be a way to get them that would only take time and silver to do. By the time you have them to 99 you should have made the 100k silver I would think. This gives a use to silver other than capture cards and level boosters.

It’s 100k silver, not gold.

If it was 100k gold, everyone would probably throw their devices out the window

Personally, this seems like a great idea.

I like it. 1 grade higher per 99 levels and 100k silver. Great idea.

I support this!


I think this is a good idea but maybe 500k silver because to be honest how long does it take to get 100k silver?

I would agree with a high silver price

The thing is, the developers want to have strict control over the supply of these grade boosters. With silver, paranoia arises: will someone exploit silver and get everything at S grade?

To be honest, though, most PvP teams have all S grades as it is. The PvP teams will be mostly mission monsters, which are awarded at S grade.

So I don’t think it would be a big deal if it had a high silver price (500,000 sounds decent). Though perhaps put this on a server-side shop like the bazaar so that it can be taken out if a silver exploit is discovered, and only put back in when it gets fixed.

How would you exploit silver? I’m not going to assume someone is going to mess with the coding of the app…

It happened in Dragon Island.

It just takes some bug or glitch in the code that someone discovers.