Grade Boost buyable

since there’s only so much we can do with silver, how about making grade boost available to be bought? Maybe the same price as the level boost or higher (20000 silver?) To me that sounds doable and reasonable, what do you guys think? Should the developers make grade boost buyable?

hope the admins sees this and think about it.

It would make the game a bit to easy :p 

Because 20 000 Silver is not enough… In fact any amount of silver is too little since it’s so easy to farm.

Also if you make it a gold price then the game becomes Pay to Win.

As much as during those long farming hours every player wishes about being able to catch any arc and then just boost his grade rather than wait for the S grade one, making grade boosters buyable would make the game too easy, S grades too common and a Pay to Win game…

That being said it would be nice to have a unlimited way of getting them. Just not buyable wit gold or silver.

Maybe after a certain level of infinite dungeon give one out every boss defeated ? or something hard enough to make them very rare and kind the S grade arcs special.

Just my opinion though :) 

100,000 silver would be good IMO.

I say a million silver minimum. Bosses in the infinite dungeon aren’t infinite in supply, you inevitably reach a point where you can’t go on.

  That’s the point that way they are more numerous but just really hard to get after a certain point ! :slight_smile:

I’ve played the game for three days now (pretty long sessions I admit) and the only thing I have left to do is to capture the last couple of rares in S rank.

If you make grade boost buyable, you just destroy the longevity of the game and it’s a really short game to begin with :frowning:

What ashy said , 1M silver to buy a gradebooster … My idea

  • 1M silver coin cost ( ash )

  • 1k Gold coins ,

I say 1-5k gold because grade booster is definitly a big thing of this games
And cant cost cheap!

Honestly I don’t think this should be buyable in either gold or silver. And I imagine the developers have already considered both of these options.

I think perhaps they could be in gold eggs, or perhaps as the occasional online mission prize.

This, rather buyable, make 1 on the floor prize contain grade booster once a week

This way, we can get grade booster, but not before playing a long time, or make it like 1-5 mill silver, believe me even silver is farmable, 1 mill silver is no easy task, moreover if it cost 5mill silver

It shouldn’t be buyable by gold, even at high pricethere are those who will pay, hence making this slight freemium

Make it an item in gold eggs…

I’d say start them off at 5k and then increase the amount after each time one is purchased.

Gold egg main prize

And let all the hackers have access to unlimited gradeboosters. NO THANKYOU

How about 1 grade booster for completing the OM each week (so the final prize is a booster + either the mission egg/main prize).

This will help by:

> Allow a controlled, difficult to hack (presumably, since it comes from the online mission?) of acquiring boosters.

> Promotes more people to complete the OM. Down the track once we start looping on the OM rewards we may otherwise have less attendance (which will muddle the percentages for prizes on the following week).

> Since you can only get 1 a week this way, people will still need to plan/strategise what they use them on, and we won’t suddenly have S classes everywhere.

> No one should feel like they ‘lose’ from doing the OM regardless of how quickly they do it.

This is actually not bad

hackers already roll into Pvp with all S classes any way just saying they already cheat plus every known cheater just got banned I think gold egg prize is still a viable option…

Wait, what?  I thought the update that was supposed to ban the haxxors was last week?

What update

A grade booster every mission ‘season’(?). This will be a long way but better than nothing. I really mean ‘season’ not weekly.

They could just make them a random chest reward with a seriously, low, low, loooooow, low chance rate.