Recipe missing

AM missing the following recipes, can anyone help tell me where to find the quest for them

  1. Tremorback

  2. Dreadwolf

  3. Barricadus.


Dreadwolf - from leviathan quest, Yelan.
Barricadus - from tower quest, Crescent Island.

I don’t quite remember Tremorback, though.

Can’t find any quests in any of the towns. Are the barricadus quest inside the tower?

I am wondering this too

For Barricadus, you’ll need to do the quest chain that starts in Maldan, continues in Arborun, in a desert town, and so on until it ends up in the Crescent Island. You have to do all the quests to get it.

Where is Maldan!

South of Geat. 

Im fairly sure you get the Tremorback recipe by beating the guy south of the capitol of the snow area.

Can some one tell me where the wyrm recipes are?

The wyrm recipes should be in Reijin.

Quests or random challenges

Quests that appear once you complete the game