Christmas Special

Since the thanksgiving special idea prolly to last minute , lets try and make our Christmas special come true

What you guys think about this ice dragon ? Credit thunderstorm from deviant art /


Any names suggestions ?

Kook idea to make thread .

Personally, I would want a more symbolic event arkadion for Christmas.

Or… existing arkadons dressed up as Christmas-y thing. ;> 

I like the drawing but going to agree with Kooka on this one.  

Like dreadwolf with a christmass hate type of thing ? ( just an example )

Yes. But I was thinking maybe a Cherub with a wreath around its neck or something, because Cherub is in fact an angel, which ties into Christianity. 

Plus, it will make farming interesting. haha.

I can get that requested ! And show you guys how it comes out & also both forms of cherub though ?

Probably? Or perhaps it can be a short term thing.

I rather have it perminate because farming will just be or no reason , you know? Or we can bring back the classic cherub from DIB and have it with a wreath or a hat

I just hope it is a Christmas tree arkadion

put special limited time monsters with cool themed clothing like cherub that is dressed for christmas and once it ends the cherubs you have will still be christmas themed because you caught them but wild ones revert to normal. sound good?

Yeaa thats how i want it to be

A probability in every fight to get a christmas present and once you have a certain number you get the Santa arc or christmas type arc ? :slight_smile:

^ I like this. It makes farming for rares funner

more fun

whatever it is

Yea his idea is pretty cool

You all know that you want to the Don Pengini with a Santa Hat!



Hmm… Here’s what I just thought
Making a Christmas Picture that has a arkadion!
1.Get your favorite arkadion
2.MS Paint it.
3.Post of forums.

These are my Don Penguini Christmas Hat things. YAY PHOTOSHOP!

With Candy Cane:


Without Candy Cane:

Hahaaa okayy , the best ark wins ! Nd the winners ark has to be the one the comes out in the christmass special!

Wait… is this a thing?