Rank Booster Glitch?

Anyone else not able to select an arkadion when they get a rank booster? Is there a fix? I couldn’t select my Omegawyrm who is stuck at A-rank, so I had to choose a second, which I chose my Halopard C-rank. Both my Omegawyrm and my Halopard sit at their respective beginning ranks, and I’m disappointed I wasted all the rank boosters from this OM. I DUN BROKED DAH GAME! HALLLP!

Also, still hoping for a revamp on the OM pool-B 1%.
::Crosses fingers for 2-3% until more people join our ranks of nerdy-arkaddiction::

Mate, I had the same problem. Then I realized they were level boosters, not rank boosters :slight_smile:

This could be indeed the problem haha ^

3 rank boosters would have been pretty amazing since there are only 9 available in the whole game. And even getting all of those takes a ton of work in PvP.

Rooofffffflllllll. Fail on my part. Musta been my issue.