Level boosters from OM not working

So I’ve gotten 2 level boosters from the om so far and I haven’t been able to use it on any ark e through a rank. Then I’d be stuck on that screen because you have to use it, so I force quit the app and then I lose the level booster. It didn’t happen once but twice. Is this happening to anyone else?
Also how do I get compensated for this?

Unfortunately, you might be out of luck

Sounds like a random glitch that happened 

Level boosters level up your arks not increase their rank. You use it to level up a monster from 50 to 51 or 60 to 61 pr 98 to 99. It does not increase rank like b to a or a to s or e to d. Thats what grade boosters are for, not level boosters.

OMG I’m so out of it hahaha whoops!

Its all good. Just gotta read the fine print is all :slight_smile: