RAF Clan

RAF = R***** A* F***

Leader - None
Founder - Previous F2P Clan members.

Current Members:
RAF Batcop
RAF Ex-Death
RAF Alisnowpy
RAF Arash
RAF Raven
RAF Nitekrawler0
RAF erikjokuwa
RAF Xyzencross
RAF lkwai
RAF Pred7tor
RAF Turp
RAF Lunar
RAF Fermi (new member)

EVERYONE can apply.

Applicants will be tested in a PvP match with one or more selected senior PvP players.

No requirements on the account but we do set the following requirements on a player who wants to be part of the community:

First: be supportive and a good team player that will receive help from others as well as give help and support to others if they have the need for or ask for it.

Second: be respective to your fellow clan mate and treat everyone as you wanna be treated. Arguments and critics are welcome, but we do not like personal attacks or simple rude manners with no sense of respect or humor for your friends.

Third: you need to be eager to strive for the better of yourself. A sense of strategy and the hunger to become better in all aspects of the game is basically the main requirement we set for the skills of a player. If you’re absolutely don’t know how to play this game you’re wrong here. If you’re an average player with no will to learn and grow you’re wrong here. If you’re trying your best and want a team that helps you to become the best version of yourself than we strongly recommend you to join.

*those who want to join our clan just PM any current members and we are glad to have you as long as you meet those requirements. Thank you.

RAF Ex-Death (Keb)


What happend to rage clan did that get disbanded?

Anyway good luck with your clan

Goodluck too :blush:

Well guess i can consider myself an ex F2P then, good luck for your future guys, it was a pleasure to have you as clanmates

OK, first of all good luck to us, secondly good luck to all other clans.
Next, I want to see clan war :wink:

RAF Arash

best of luck with the clan

Thanks mate

Get ready to be destroyed by Z19!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey bro xD

Wow, so you all don’t like me that much?

. . . That hurts. . .

Holly crap, GET RECK ZARD, GET RECK, damn, you guys just pulled a dirty one, or may i say, you guys pulled a “roa” on zard, damn, that was hard to watch, i always thought f2p where the good guys and we z19 where the evil ones, but damn, that was twice as evil as everything we in z19 have done. (Sorry zard, had to say this)

Any ways, good luck with the clan

Zard… last F2P member…

Hahahahaha xD

At least Z19 would never stab their leader in the back, shame on you Raw Ass F*ckers ;).


So there’s an RFA and an RAF now?

OH new clan

Battle of the century. Except RFA has like 2 members.

Wow, so F2P is basically gone now?