Quests finished

So I’ve finished the story line. And achieved Grand Master.

I have no quests to
Finish. Am I missing quests? Because I can’t find anything else.

Gratz. I’m about an hour away from doing that myself.

Anyways, you’re probably finished…I guess you could wait for the next weekly mission or go all-out on PVP?

Or you could start a new save file and see if you do better. I just did, and I already have half as many good rares as I did on my high-leveled profile.


If you beat Casper and unlocked the dragon fusion recipes you are all done.


Now go catch all evos of all arkadions! Make sure they are all S!

Oh, you’ve done that already?

Go do the same thing, but with A! And B! And C! And D! And E! Until you have every possible arkadion with every possible grade.

Done it? Go PvP; get all the PvP arkadions.

Done? Reach for #1 on Game Center.


Uh… maybe that’s it. But good luck. :stuck_out_tongue: