Just wondering about my progression

Like the title says, I’m curious how far I am into completing the story. My current mission is:


Esapid is the 1st or 3th first one? So ur not very far

You are pretty close to being finished. Esapid is the 5th First One of 7. You have to finish that, then move onto Crescent Island where there are 2 more First Ones and missions for recipes.

I see the 5th lol I was sleeping with the story so :P 

U only have to face, Deucalion and Tiamat.

Cheers guys, always good to know. I’m starting to worry that my team may not be worthy if how far in we are. I managed to rush through the earlier stages of the game due to getting an infernowyrm in an egg at the beginning. Now I’m beginning to struggle :lol:

Just do some grinding and you’ll be fine