Quest Reward?

Want are the rewards when you finish the quests in the Castle in Agramis and Orlen?

I’m assuming your talking about the ones that requires you to catch arks and lvl them up? Most of those only give you musical scores from but completing the one that requires you to catch a bunch of dragon arks gives you the monster arky, who then evolves into arkwing who’s…you know… nothing special, he’s only one of the best arks available in the game for both single and multiplayer being able to tear apart and crush many who stand in his way but otherwise nothing special :stuck_out_tongue:

The other quest that requires you to lvl up arks to 99 gives gives you the monster darkling which then evolves necrodrake who is actually pretty terrible really but thats okay because you’ll be overjoyed to have him because of how baws he looks.

Thx! I just need to finish the 30 arks to 99.Everything else I’m done with.

Good luck with that ! The first 30 where hard for me after that they came like it was nothing :stuck_out_tongue: I hope to see u in the future again and keep up the good work