Hi Neo Monster player’s (members)

Well, I’m  new in the forum

My questions are :

  1. Who is the strongest monster?
  2. How many monsters can catch?
  3. How much is the maximum to reach the rank of Hero?
  4. When will the Chapter 7 of the mission? (PVP)
  5. How many women play the game?
  6. Can I transfer all my data saved to my other device, without using my restore code?

It seems ridiculous:

Use my code data restoration

And you can not do this again after one year.

  1. Why I can not use my legendaries monsters in some Pvp missions?
  2. Who created this game?
  3. Where are the moderators?
  4. How do you know who are the moderators?
  5. Why we only can have added 50 friends and not more?

If you have List of moderators, share it.

God bless you all…

1- definitely godfeather and dragaia. When they’re all alone, they sweep entire teams with ease.
2- you can’t really catch monsters with 4 or more stars, everything with 3 or less are found on the islands. There is a limit to how many regular monsters you can have, I think max is 12 and a half pages in the list view.
3- 100. Max tickets is 96, max cost is 173.
4- no idea.
5- no idea.
6- pretty sure you need the code for that.
7- odd, I’m pretty sure there aren’t any restrictions on particular monsters, except the ingredients guys. They can’t be used in battle, period.
8- you can pull up the credits in the menu with the bag icon.
9- you can pull up the list in the members tab near the top of the page.
10- the most active ones currently would be blixtiya and KC. On their posts there’s a green thing that says “mod”, can’t miss it.
11- no idea, maybe more’s too much for the servers.
Hope that helped.

  1. That’s a silly question. Why would you want to know that?

  2. If you ever really do need to retrieve your data again in the future for what ever reason and have used your restore code once already you can private message the FB group linked to in the tabs section and they will most likely help.

Awe, Thanks for the answer guys.

@Viruscroc, I’m asking that because am a girl, and i don’t if neo monster have another girls playing the game,

Again, Thank you guys : )

I know 2 other girls who play the game if that helps.

It’s really not important :joy: you don’t see / talk to anyone in game anyways, you just see there ign

Nah, it’s about to add them :blush:

There’s no in game chat or any way to communicate with friends so it doesn’t really matter who you add as a friend

I suggested that by I don’t think that the devs would add that in game( I hope hey do)