Very much enjoying the game so far, have two queries though:

  1. what is silver for? I can’t find anywhere to spend it
  2. how can I transfer data to another device? There doesn’t seem to be a log in or anything

1: its for ultra evolution (and de-aging)

2: its not possible as far as I know, so people cant sell/trade accounts.

Quick question, is there any way to catch the 4/5/6star monsters? It seems like most of them are 1-3 stars in the wild

Yes. Only 4* though.

You can find certain Epic monsters in the ruins of the final island in the PvE storyline. My favorite wild monster is Blurbeak.

The battle is insane though. It’s very VERY difficult to succeed in the higher-end dungeons. Their stats are impossibly high. Worth it though, for those collectors out there.

When I caught my Blurbeak, the match was closer (I lost more monsters) than when I fought the grand champion. So…

So we have to buy the gem to get all 900+ monsters? :frowning:
Thx for the reply

What’s the max monster amount of monster you can have?

Didn’t you buy a lot of gold eggs if so won’t this fight be impossible for f2p players this game feels a lot more cheap than the last two the cost stops you from putting to many strong guys in your team the only way to farm anything other than training points is with tickets and keys you only get a single key every day and it only opens a mission for 1 hour and your ticket limit means you can only do one or two missions max per key not to mention in the old games you could find epic level equivalent or higher monsters In the wild if you farm for long enough but now anything besides a few rare or as you said epic from ridiculously hard ruins is all we can get.

Wow not being able to transfer is a huge problem. I have a new phone in 3 weeks.

Every other game manages it simply enough. I guess I’ll have to pass on playing this one then

I’ve got one 

With the training sessions. Is they’re a easier way to earn them back or something or rewards to get them? Also is they’re an easier way of getting the gold and silver keys back?

Moonyboy, u should be able to play the game on another device if you use your game center account with it
What happens with the friend eggs? I used ome yesterday (tried to collect) and i didnt get anything, just minus 400 friend points. What do they actually do?


Neo monsters won’t be released on android???!

If I purchase the 28 dollars of gems and then the game got uninstalled, do I still get all of my gems back??

don’t think so, nope.

gems are saved server side. Any gems you get, be they from story or $$$, are bound to your account. That’s so you can’t get gems, not like a roll, and then replace the file with one before your summon. Same thing with transferring accounts.

So no, it’s data specific to that game file, so if it’s deleted then you can’t restore it.

Also to prevent: buy, be unhappy, and then reinstall for a second try.

In any case, if this was unintentional, Devs might be able to do something if you have evidence of purchase and the game was uninstalled, message them. 

That’s disappointing. I know you used to be able to with dragon island
Thank you for your help! The reason I was asking is because I’ve had a problem with my iPad deleting apps almost once a week. I’ve gotten no help from Apple on the subject, but it would really suck to have those gems go away

Gods, that sounds like it suuuuucks. Hope you get that resolved. :slight_smile:

Aelliott55 i fell sorry for you that sucks