Funny TU glitch

This is a stun glitch TU

Tell me what’s wrong here


Ur going to win even if u dont attack for say 10 turns or so haha

Lmao 10 turns bro prolly more than that xD … So the reason why the TU is so high , i kept stunning thunderback with stego , inwould skip dreadwolf and gold horns turn and use stego again to keep stunning . So every time i skipped a turn my other ark TU would be as high as thunderback , that shouldnt happen lol i dnt think atleast .

From what i understand, when you skip turns the game will automatically shift the skipping Ark under the next opposing Ark. This is so that the Ark, no matter what the next Arks TU is, will actually ‘Skip’ it’s turn. THEN it calculates the ‘skip turn’ added TU and places the skipped Ark along the queue where appropriate.

What’s happened here is that, because Thunderback was the only opposing Arkadion, the game shifts your skipped Ark under him and they then receive his high TU in order to actually skip their turn. Think of it as a fail safe mechanic, not really a glitch.

Could be wrong, I haven’t exactly attempted to create anything like you have in the pic. Could actually be a glitch and not just a random consequence of the game’s mechanics. Although I’m probably going to test it out lol

I was thinking the same , but your theory might be 100% accurate

That’s the way it works. You can actually use turn skipping strategically in PVP to endure when you kill an Ark you have a way to put on of your arks closer to the new one or even before it.

I was actually thinking that , ill test that in the infinite dungeon

The above posts are correct. I do not believe that this is a glitch.