Question about damage, giving up turn and buffs

Thanks in advance for the answers!


1 How is damage calculated? Is there an exact formula i.e. damage*element - defense ?

2 What is the amount of damage done to weaker/stronger element

i.e. Fire to water and vice versa. is it 50% and 150% respectively or else?

What about Holy to dark and vice versa?

What about others to holy?

Giving up turn

How much TUs does it cost when you give up turn?


Do buffs like bolster and other defense/attack buff stack?


If all the monsters in play are asleep, how does the system calculate which one attack first when they all wake up?

I only know about the giving up a turn. When you skip a turn, you automatically go back 1 more TU than the next opponents arks.
It’s my turn and my opponent has an ark with 15 TU until attack and one with 17. Once I skip, I will be using 16 TU.
Now, say if my opponent has an ark with 15 and another with 16. Once I skip, I will then go to 17.