Dreadwolf hacks ?

I had 6 arks left against a dreadwolf and he killed them all without any bonus actions, how is this possible ?

When he is last ark he has last stand that one hits practically everything. It’s only 50 tu aswell and no doubt Angelon was before him and used haste to make his speed faster.

Yep, its not a hack ;p don penguini has the Same ability

But I did t even have a turn, he killed them one by one without bonus actions, it’s like the ability did not use time units

Last stand costs 50 TUs. Most arks enter battle over 60 TUs. It may have also been hasted so it would have cost around 30 TUs instead. If there was a moral to this sad story, it would be never ever ever let dreadwolf/ tremorback/penguini/any of the starters be the last ark alive on the enemy team.

im pretty sure dreadwolf just double haste and just go last stand all day lol

It’s always a good idea to have someone with knock back in your team(mainly gremknight) to knock back an enemy who doesn’t have any sacrificial moves or guardian so that you’ll be able to focus on killing the ark that was originally last. Also I don’t usually recommend to solely rely on scramble because dreadwolf tremorback and don all have retreat so they could easily retreat to very end anyways.


No posting about hacks please!