Pyramid error

This is a problem regarding the valley of pyramids Ultra Evolve Quest.

I’ve played this stage over 100 times, and in the first 2 times I’ve played this stage there were regular dungeon encounters (where normal mons spawn with a mid, like the other quests such as bottles and harps). However, after that I could only get ONE mid per 30 tickets because those dungeon encounters were gone from my play throughs. I can only get one pyramid every 30 tickets. I feel like this is such a big scam, especially now that I have to find a cryptamid and i only get one chance at this. Is this a glitch that the normal dungeon encounters aren’t there anymore?

Heck, even the healing circle is still present! Why do you need a healing circle when I won’t be encountering battles before the boss battle?? I need an explanation please. I was fine with the single battle for 30 tickets up till now. Devs. please explain!!

Lil’ dragon

Crappy Coding that’s all.

It’s not a glitch, there aren’t those circles in the pyramid mission, and they have never been there.

Yeah it’s only one pyramid per 30 tickets. They’re the most expensive ticket-wise to farm. On the plus side, you get a decent 4000xp per run and it’s super quick to do. I used it for farming exp from lvl 165-200. I have over 100 of each pyramid now and plenty of cryptamids. If you ever need to burn your tickets quickly and there isn’t a limited-time event which needs them I recommend using this mission.

I only ever got luck once after like 200+ attempts but it felt so good

The Healing Circle in Pyramid dungeon and Silver dungeon has been removed.


I must be pretty lucky because I’ve found 2(maybe 3) of them before and I’m thinking I’ve only done the pyramid mission about 50 times.