Broken pyramid mid

The friking pyramid tomb is cancer all I can seem to get are nox mids I got so frustrated that I even spent 4 diamonds to refill my tickets again and again but still everytime nox midst. I’m sitting here with 10 nox mids and I don’t even even use shadow monster, please help …

You’ll get all the elements. Use your tickets in the mission over a few days and you’ll have more than enough of each and a Cryptamid. Normally people are moaning about not getting Cryptamids.

Personally I think the elemental dungeon thing that comes around once in a while is a lot better. You get to choose ingredient missions by desired elements, and you have a higher chance of getting the specific mid you want than in the pyramid mission.

Thanks bro, just started playing a weak ago didn’t know about this

Should I buy that whale or the valzerin from tickets shop

I wouldn’t buy either of them tbh. While valz is quite good, they’re both available in the normal AND rare egg pools, so there’s a decent chance that they’ll come to you all on their own. I’d strongly recommend saving up for either atrahasis, goldtail or dusicyon, they’re all absolute must haves, and since they’re soon to disappear from the rare egg pool they’re about to become shop exclusive.

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I never found a cryptmid in there,is it even possible

Yes it is, remarkably rare compared to the normal 6. Naturally since I don’t need any more, I’ve met it twice :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, I use the pyramid mission as my place to dump tickets quickly. You can see I’ve got way more Cryptamids than Grails, Crowns and Vorabooks (I pick the Vorabook every 16 days from the special mission so have lots of those too).

I think it’s something like 5/32 (15%) chance for each element and 2/32 (6%) chance for Cryptamid.

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JEEZ… and I always thought of myself as an ingredient hoarder.