Pyramid Ultra Evolve Weirdness

So I’m not sure if this is just me having bad luck or if I’m just missing something but of the 7 times I’ve done the quest to get the pyramids for ultra evolving I’ve gotten 4 luxmids and 3 geomids. And I can’t use the geomids at all. Is my luck just that horrible or am I missing something?

What you mean you can’t use the geomids?

Only have 1 earth and 1 holy monster that can use them. I didn’t realize the earth was even there that’s why I said I couldn’t use them. Did it again after leveling up and got another Luxmid. Literally just wanna evolve Rex or one of my like 6 super epic electric types.

Well then sorry man, that’s just REALLY crappy luck. I thought I had it bad when I couldn’t get an aquamid for my single 5 star.

Geomids hate me too. Have nearly 7 of each other type.

Dang lol. Was hoping there was just something I was missing. Thanks for letting me know.

Water is also rare though…

I have 8. Would give them away if I could.

Yeah, I have a lot of water super epics that are thirsty for an ultra evolve. I want them bad.

Has anyone else had issues with keys… I use my key(s) daily but the last few days after waiting for them to respawn once I select “yes” on use silver key I get a notice that I need to at least have 1 silver key. Yet just before I had my daily key, and it’s then taken without allowing me access. It’s rather annoying bc only 1 a day are given so it’s 24hrs till I can try again.
Galaxy S5 lollipop if that helps anything

This has been 4x in a row now that the silver keys have just disappeared, someone else has to be having the same issues :’( it makes evolving anything next to impossible

I had the issue on android a bit ago but nothing for a while. I had reported it and they said they were trying to replicate this issue to find the problem, but it seems it’s a bit complicated. It usually happened to me when I had locked my screen during a battle and then came back to it later.

i have a lot of aquamids,but the water bottles are killing me, 1 came out and was not captured, end up killing it :frowning:

Wait, you mean seabottles? Just do the bottle bay mission, it really shouldn’t take long to find another one.