Pyramids quest not anecdotal

Hey devs,

I believe the randomizing code for pyramid distribution to be disproportionate based on talking to more than a handful of members and also experiencing it myself.

I have gone thru more than 100 quests and I received numerous iterations of all with the exception of the

“dark pyramid.”

Not sure whether this was intentional or if it has been stated before but can you recheck the code for pyramid spawns. Thanks

On a side-note - PVP - hope you keep the run button active at all times ; )

LLAP - soup

In my case is the water pyramid
My GF case is holy pyramid
Very very rare

Water is needed here too.
I hoped devs let pyramids dungeon be like pixie or others, we could face 3 pre-battle so the chance of getting pyramid and the element we are need be a bit higher.
Increase the cost to 50 but let us fight more.

Mine is earth.