PVP too difficult

In PVP the problem is that you often fall on much stronger fighters or simply let’s say cashers and so it would be better if we normal players would get a more balanced PVP…

Pvp hasn’t been out for that long, I would give it some time certain combos etc may not seem overpowering once you have learnt the game a little more.

I agree with this. I fought someone whose monsters’ level was so high it was able to 1 shot all of mine with its AoE. And it was the Dark Starter. So this person had already picked up a lot better accessories and trained his monster quite a bit.

This happened to me several times already :frowning:
And now I’m even stuck in the campaign as it’s to difficult for my level to win without investing money…

Hm. Interesting theory. Where are you stuck @D4rkPh0en1x ?

I need to check that lol
I’m running arround for the moment to level up my heroes and monsters.
It’s the level where the ennemy is like a medusa and when she dissapears other monster appear…
But she kills my monsters too fast…

It’s in Hymelia when I need to confront the commander…

My team:

I would put fin last and vivi in the lead
Also for medusa I found getting two to hold ground then double killing is a lot better

You don’t need to spend a dime in offline story. It’s completable with your starter and the monsters you can capture from the wilderness. Just train your monsters and give them good weapons and accessories. Besides the boss encounters usually have some twist to it so you gotta check its moveset and think a little before attacking. Just take your time and remember you might have to change your lineup a bit to optimise your encounter with the boss.


After leveling up some of my team members I finaly was strong enough to kill the monster fast enough so that Medusa didn’t reappear a second time…
But now I’m stuck in the next one lol…
When I don’t kill the protectors together at the end they recreate new ones… And for that again not strong enough…
Just need to be patient…


You’ll get there :muscle:


What I hate About the pvp part is that when People are About to lose they disconnect and when they do it I don’t get the win booked as a win but rather looks as if I had no battles at all. This Needs to be fixed so if People leave on Purpose they still get a loss and the enemy the Points for the win.


SSR monsters don’t help you against superior strategy :wink:

You always with your short troll-wisdoms!

The best strategy does not help you if you’re in 16th place and your opponent is ranked 60, with full-fledged characters that can only be a tiny scratch !? The opponent but only one blow required !? If that’s not unfair, then what?

Anyone who has read some threads here knows that you are writing only nonsense. Troll, you are no help to anyone! Do not you have anything better to do in your life than annoy people in a game forum? That is poor! Find a reasonable hobby or friends.

Pvp is hard cause it’s open free for all

@Morphzeus I’m not sure how that was a troll post. Superior strategy CAN trump SSRs :thinking:

If you must know, that particular match I used one of the oldest strategies from Neomonsters to make sure Shanna got charged, and then ran train with Survivors Fury and Give Turn from Tobias. His SSRs didn’t help him in that situation.

If you want help with basic strategies, feel free to PM me and I can walk you through what you are doing wrong.

Edit: For reference I am F2P in Evertale thus far after being a Whale if you will in Neo. I haven’t rolled an SSR character yet.