PvP Time

Please reply what time u go on pvp and what rank u are in soo we all can have the fun together

Note: Y im asking for your rank is to know who u wanna verse when u see someone elses rank


2:30 Pm, Veteran Rank (200 Diamond Reward with bonus win 14 tickets)dont have to put extra information i just like playing it straight forward

There are generally people on at all times in Masters; however, I’m unsure of leagues below it. It may take a few minutes to find a match, but I’m sure it’s never 100% dead.

Well below leagure of masters r some annoying players who try to make us mad and quit by not attacking at all but i dont mind but others do and its kinda annoying but they kinda weak soo it doesnt take long to beat them

Masters league is always active. People force close app before getting kicked usually (I’m guilty of this after OMs to feed monsters and against stego / charc) so there’s a lot of masters.

You know you can just add us for private matches? My gamecenter is PCM~

Add me sometime and I’ll be glad to accept.