PvP Ticket limit

Just a suggestion. Would it be harmful if the Max PvP ticket limit was increased 16 or even 18?

When it comes to Social life vs Neo, I choose social life and I know many others do the same. It would be nice to have even more flexibility to play our tickets when we have more free time.

I’m not sure if there would be any negative consequences? Perhaps it could be trialled for a season :thinking:

Do you think this a good idea?

  • Hell Yeah
  • Hell Yeah and buff Zhulong while we’re at it
  • No it’s not a good idea.

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please implement this I need to sleep I woke up at 5am and played neo monsters also gg @Laxus

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Insomnia bless you

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On “off season” I think PvP should be limitless.

During ranked, it’s more fair to everyone if there are tickets, don’t see why we couldn’t have 20 for example?


Social life? We’re talking about a game here. This IS your life.

Tbh I think 10 hours is a fair refill time of the tickets (in practice more like 9-10 hour breaks you can take). In many games I’ve seen things as 6-8 hours, which doesn’t allow for sleep properly.

From a player’s perspective it’s obviously better if it’s longer and you could argue that for ranked PvP the game doesn’t need to encourage us to return regularly but it does keep activity high enough for fast/better matching 24/7 rather than having peak periods and quieter ones.

Just want to add an extra note here…
I’d really like to see anything implemented for PvP also happening to UC. For example, the event starting with us at half tickets so people in Europe/Africa don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night (3-4am in the UK) if they want to use all the tickets.


What are the downsides to not doing it though? Sure 9-10 hours is “fair” but I don’t see why it can’t be more?

Well it could definitely be, say, 12 hours. Generally speaking these things are to get people logging back in to play more regularly. That tends to get them more into the game and addicted. For ranked PvP that’s not a valid point because it lasts 3 days a month and people play in that time for the rewards. So the main reason I can think of is trying to get people playing PvP regularly enough that everyone can find matches all day/night long.

Speaking of matchmaking though… never seen this happen before!

lol u must’ve gained something like 910 rating from that

Looks like skill based matchmaking is doing its job to me :yum:


I was gonna talk about this the other day. It happened to me too. Maybe is there something wrong with the system? I don’t think a high hero rank player would run such a team in ranked pvp so it’s probably a newcomer. I remember when this happened to me I was looking for opponents for a long time and then there appeared a newcomer account as adversary

Did this happen in the first day of the ranked pvp or middle?

Why on Earth didn’t I include an option for

No, but buff Zhulong anyway

Is beyond me.

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To be honest there is going to be a buff given to zhulong next update for sure .
Dev vkc talking about zhulong and the next day zhulong in a banner cannot be a coincidence

It happened just before I made that post, in the middle of the final day of ranked PvP. I still have them on my battle log…
YOSOY LA MUERTE - 95474965

I met them after a bunch of wins in a row and I’m pretty sure I was at the top of the matchmaking brackets.

This is where you’re going wrong KD :joy: @Dev_VKC I see no error here :wink:


Thank you for the feedback.

An acid remark from a lemon. I see no error too :wink:


You guys are meanies! Just be grateful I didn’t match with either of you this ranked PvP, then you’d be sorry