Pvp stories

Gg heroes, that was an amazing game

I wish I would pay attention to the ign names, sorry…but I’m sure it was fun as always against you

btw I love the unlimited battletickets

@supah get destroyed by the mighty dolphoenix 

because dolph is amazing :muscle:

Just played someone who had dolph sent it packing back the graveyard :joy::rofl::yum:

how dare you

Lr cry what happened? You had me where you wanted me there

Yeah game froze.

Don’t know who I just faced but we had a brilliant match. I got you down to your last biter then you swept through the rest of my team with ease. I was thinking “I’ve never actually been beaten by a last biter, this will be the first”.

Then you got stuck because you couldn’t heal off my two rockoids, Stratu (1HP), Bazilogon (1HP + shield) and Rexus. I was knocking your health down with Bazilogon then Rexus came in with assisted stone to do ~2k damage. You did an assisted thunder to kill the bazilogon and the two rockoids but my Rexus didn’t die so pulled off one more assisted stone and you died to poison. Lol I’ve never been left with just Rexus on the field and he kills off a last biter!

Good match, wish I had recorded it to show others the lovely finish :slight_smile:

Why? Why? Why? Should have won my match against Zard. His last monster was Burnsalot, but 2 Rockoids spawned at the end and I got defeat screen. Bugs screwed me out of a win. So triggered right now.

I got a loss too.

@Dev VKC

Thanks very much for making this PvP session have no token entry. I am going away this weekend but in the last 36 hours have done a solid PvP session and got the 81 wins. If you’re wondering about my battle points… I started retreating once I reached 79 and planned to go down to 0 battle points but it’s got late and so stopped at ~280 or so.

The reason you gave for token entry was to encourage players to win their matches rather than simply retreating until they get someone easy. From what I could tell, I did see a fair bit more retreating going on but also I was able to enjoy lots of great matches against strong opponents. I did a bit of retreating myself and probably could’ve pushed towards top 50, certainly top 100 but was generally in a rush since I can’t play this weekend.

One thing I also noticed was shorter times to match with opponents. There were periods of time where there was lower activity but in general this was a lot better than previous PvP sessions. However, there’s the risk that activity will drop off towards the end of the 5 days as more people reach the number of wins they want.

So thanks again and I’ve really enjoyed a couple of days of solid PvP.

P.S. Waking up in the morning with both PvP AND island challenge to do is a nightmare. It was much much nicer just doing island challenge and leaving PvP for when I wanted to do it.

It’s damn true! Same last time with UC! Pvp is really time consuming. Pairing it with another event it’s quite… Heavy

gg heros i was distracted 

Gg gmagic

Whenever there is one event at a time, the game can become very boring, since you spend all tickets when you wake up and then nothing to do until in the evening. Please don’t consider too much to do a bad thing.

What’s your in game name homie

Almost smashed the phone there, gg dude xd.

z19 kienio