pvp still have a problem

who still having a problem playing pvp?
i do …
i got my turn skip 4 times automatically making me lose the game
and it still little bit slow…
my connection is perfect 4G

i know this is only beta, but you gotta do something about it
@Dev_BRD @Dev_VKC

enough, i can’t handle this pvp…
5 times play, every time have skip bug

Can you let me know your device type, friend code and OS please.

i message you

Apparently malwing bug is still there, game freeze when blowback is used and opponent has an incoming shocker

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chronozeros made my full hp oakthu hg when the time difference was 55 sec. I think it was a battle with hen or someone else. Did you guys buff fastStrike? @Dev_BRD

Besides, in whale event, Ai’s death revenge sometimes did ignore hg.

This Beta pvp

  1. Very easy to find opponent (excellent)
  2. After a few seconds of a match either my opponent or i disconnect (hmm i saw it as notification while playing “the player has been disconnected”)
  3. Battle is still slowww
  4. How do we get the rewards, is it automatically claimed after the testing?

Is on reward box automatically…

No, that sounds right. Faststrike starts dealing good damage below 60s. At 55s from Chronozeros attacking Oakthulu I calculate it as about 4300 damage, which would manage to put it to hold ground.

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55 seconds is still able to kill. It dropps off more sharply after 60.

For anyone interested in the exact numbers. Here’s the multiplier for “Fastbreaker mortar” which I logged the other day. I assume it’s the same for Faststrike but without the excessive force:
(81s+) = 0.05
(80-61s) = 0.05-0.20
(60-51s) = 0.4-0.7
(50-0s) = 0.7-1.0

So as you can see it doesn’t change much under 50s, does decent damage between 50-60s but differs greatly in just a few seconds and beyond 60s the damage drops off dramatically. Even just between 60s and 61s the damage halves!

I played throughout wireless network and had no problems. I have to admit that the delay at damage calculation is somehow weird. You send the attack and then synchronization of damage dealt takes like forever. I Will try tomorrow fighting with mobile connection let’s see of I face the same issue like the thread opener

Was this your first match? Mine was looking really weird in the first match but it was a lot smoother later on. Try a few more matches then see what it’s like.

It went smooth later on (7-8 hours later)
But early time when pvp just started feel like hell tho

Regarding ignore HD,

  • If it is Spirit Possession, that ignores hold ground and shield.
  • We changed how ticking/death animation work. If the hold ground monster is poisoned, most of cases, it looks like the monster just dies immediately.

Devs since this is an open pvp now can we please have a change of rewards. i really dont fell much inspired to fight when i will get is 5 gems and deage fruits

Heres a new bug.
It was my flareven turn, i had about 9 sec left for my turn, and then it said the time period of my turn is over for some reason and jumped his TU to 600 + (no other way he could get there, as he is stun immue).

This PVP is BETA, just a preparation, testing, dont expect much

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thats the same bug i got yesterday
got skipped when my turn is not over yet
and got placed behind the last turn monster in battlefield

in your case your flareven got skipped and placed behind freezecoba the last turn monster in battlefield

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Yep that seems excetly the case