🥶 PvP Freezing Issue Feedback Thread 🥶

Apparently, some users are experiencing a PvP freezing issue with the “Connecting to Server” message stuck in the middle. We are having a hard time recreating the issue. Please help us debug it by providing the following information:

  1. Do you play the game on Wi-Fi or cellular data?
  2. What is the model of the cellphone you are using to play?
  3. What is the your OS version? (for example, Android 10)
  4. How often does it happen? (for example: once every 7 battles)
  5. Does it happen more often on the first PvP battle after you launch the app?
  6. Did it happen in the previous PvP system? (before May)
  7. Does it happen more often when using specific lineups?
  8. Does it happen to you aside from the PvP matchmaking screen? (for example, some users experience this bug when going to the PvP Insights page)
  9. Does reinstalling the app fix the issue? (Please try to reinstall the game if you have not. Don’t forget saving your transfer number.)

@Tanbeer As far as I remember you are the first player reporting this issue, how is it going now?
Do you still experience this issue?

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  1. Wifi
  2. Itel A48
  3. Android 10
  4. Happened 7 times in around 50 to 60 battles
  5. Not fixed, but more often when we start the game and directly start pvp.
  6. No , it started in season 2.
  7. No
    9.more often, yes. But not completely.
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Is this also count?
This Is happen yesterday. Can’t tap anything but timer still run.

  1. Cellular data
  2. Realme C11
  3. Android 11
  4. If I am play too often (in short time) I think. If I am remember this is also happen when I am do speedrun
  5. Yes , this is happen previous season.
  6. Yes ,but the ss I share is yesterday.
  7. Cattmander?
  8. No, but sometimes in pvp match I can’t tap anything (idk this is same isue or not)
  9. I just close and reopen Neo ,and it fixed but sometimes the match already finish. (FC:15054814)

Its freezing screen!
Did you accidentally tap on run button before this happened or spam clicks?

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Before battle? Yes. Similiar like Dev share “conection to server” it happen 1-2 minute I think and if I success enter that match. I can’t tap anything and most likely ended with disconect and then reconnect match.

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Exactly the same problem!

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Sadly I lost my 49 ws due to same problem. Can’t tap and have to wait until the timer runs out. It was any months back but after that that issue never occurred again.


I got a new phone last month and so far I haven’t experienced this (on the original Neomon app that is). It did occur 2 time on a cloned app (Parallel Space).

My old phone was Android 7, not sure if it had something to do with that. (Current is 14)
If I remember correctly the bug didn’t occur if I had done a PvE battle before PvP.


Hello ,
Can you please explain this.

  1. Wi-Fi
  2. Motorola Edge 30 Pro
  3. Android 13
  4. 1 every 7 battles, sounds good (Yesterday the game closed directly and I had to open it again)
  5. No
  6. Not that I remember
  7. It happened to me using Cynthia
  8. No
  9. I’m going to reinstall and keep testing it

1-mobile data.
2-moto g pure ñ.
3-android 12.
4-not very often, but what happens to me many more times is that the screen freezes and I can’t touch anything, I realized that removing the connection and putting it back in takes me out of the game and when I reconnect it solve the problem.
5-I couldn’t say, I’ll be more attentive
6-no, it was after implementing the new system.
7-I don’t think that’s the problem.
9-I have not tried it but I will keep it in mind.

I think you mean that it keeps the message “connecting server” the X to close appears but when you press it it doesn’t close and you have to restart the game

1-mobile data and wifi (I don’t notice a difference between the two)


3-android 12
4-it is not very frequent, it has happened to me 1/2 times, maybe 1 in 30 games

5-I couldn’t say

6-no, it was after implementing the new system.

7-I don’t think that’s the problem.

8-you don’t know how to say

9-I have not tried it but I will keep it in mind

I have not been very attentive to this error since it happens very rarely and it has not caused me a real problem

1- cellular data
2- Techno kg5p
3- Android 12
4-Every day at first login during first PvP battle, rarely after playing a lot but possible since it happened once
6-no , This issue is exclusive to the new PvP system
7- no
8- NO , only in PvP. Very similar to the old PvE bug where the game froze ( When we were about to select a friend for battle)when we started the first battle of the day in story mode
9- I’ve never tried it, I just know that once I go out and come back it doesn’t happen for that day (usually)

the problem that Inarcher points out generally occurs when the bug has already occurred, i.e. “connecting to the server at the same time as waiting for opponents”, the matchmaking will continue despite the problem and once in combat but unfortunately all will be frozen even if youdeactivate the data to try to return we will not be able to

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We have just applied a fix for the PvP freezing issue.

Please restart the app once to make sure that the game downloads the fix properly in the background.

Please report again if the issue still persists.


Sometimes, I press run in the middle of the match as a mon enters, and the game just freezes

Yes, that is a different issue. We will have to look into that too.

We have tried many ways, such as running while your opponent is using skills or running while a bunch of revenge effects and entrance effects are happening, but nothing froze the game.

When does the bug usually occur?
Has anyone experienced the run button freezing issue at the beginning of the battle?

Any feedback on this would be great Mr.@LemonSqueezy

Tested this update , it even fixed the vpn issue for us thank you @Dev_VKC .

Whenever you get kicked from pvp it’s 100% a loose and fail to reconnect again , it’s is awefull lately , before it was better now it fail every time to reconnect