Have you found any Cheaters out there? Leave it here to be taken care of

I’m over level 1000 this guy can’t get that far using this @Dev_VKC attend to it please


How do you know they didn’t get there legit, quit, and then make a troll team that’s is used for this? Oh wait you don’t.


The server saves the last team you won a game with and it is impossible to win a game with that team on such a high difficulty. Anyway I’m just asking the Dev to review it I don’t see anything wrong with that, if it got there legally you can continue.@squinty1880 Don’t blame others for not knowing if you don’t know


Troll or hack team???

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Looks like someone trying, but not having the best monsters for the event. Unlikely to be a cheater, unless they have got to a high level in the event.

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What about this team currently at level 1.5k. Also features guys like milgon and polaboss. Devs might purge at the end i guess


i met this team also at level 1580 and it really doesn’t make sense he can reach that level with trash team and yes i lost because of all attack from thlug

I don’t think he can get such a high score with such a lineup


What was behind?

I forgot, this was taken a few hours ago.But what is certain is that the back is not a uc lineup. I will see if there is a chance to meet again.

A tnc brother confirms what you say, the guy didn’t use any UC monsters he’s a cheater

not cheater, but its make me crazy its 7 Times I meet this Dumb team ( 3 same person idk how I meet same person ). @Dev_VKC can u make poison executed in the future. This is not fair lol. They can easily kill 16 monster with 1 monster alone ,but its very hard response their monster bcoz the poison tick and high hp poison monster

Anyway I meet this , yesterday. Maybe u can check him

Enraged nova deals roughly 30000 damage after 4-5 kills so maybe not


Ah💀,This is my team, How can you say me a cheater

You are the most intelligent person in the forum!

Use bundleblazer then for free kills , charges easily

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Oh that was you . Thats nothing wrong If we check right😜

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ONE SAMURAI. (1700K now)


Maybe it is my team. I have been using Maggatsuoh FL for many years.
It is also introduced on youtube. I’m glad that more and more people are using the same strategy these days.


This was someone whos IGN is Hector at lvl 1400. no way could this team get that far.

I’m not. :roll_eyes::grin: