PvP champions cup is a joke

There is 000000 BALENCE. It’s pay to win and full of teams with 10 6 star legendaries.
I have 40 points and am lucky to have that many. I’m playing people that allready have 500 points and can wipe my whole team with blue ability that takes 1 second. It’s amazing for any game from the last 10 years to not do anything for PvP settings.
There should be a rating or power assessment to group up similar progressions. Like your team has a ranking of 5,000 to 10,000 and can only play close teams.
90% of the game is designed for allready maxed out people but there’s no way to get there other than to spend tons of money or thousands of hours. I’m not asking for cheat codes to be maxed out but at least some progression that is gradual instead of 90° mountain

I agree with your grievances. My PvP team is pretty beefed up, and my entire team consists of mostly legendaries, so I too find it unfair when I am matched up against someone who builds a great team with only SE mons. For the first two days, most of the heavy hitters will be grinding out wins, but they tend to go easy on anyone who has a less powerful team. There needs to be some type of bracket that keeps both cost and wins in mind to match up people with the same skill level. But, that requires a lot of people to play in PvP, so all I can say is grind for gems and save them for special events. Good luck!

I think a nice way to solve your problem is to tighten up the matching range so that a pair of players pitted together are reasonably equal in skill level/resources. However it would be at the expense of quick matchmaking since the game will ignore anyone outside your range, making it harder for you to find a match. Do you think that would be worth it to you?

I think it would be great If they matched +/- 20 team cost. The majority of the matches I encounter are utterly hopeless for me or my opponent. I’ve only had 3 competitive matches in the last 3 tournaments.

Luc makes a great point about matchup though. Perhaps a better solution would be a 4 legendary limit or a team cost limit.

You would think after 2 days it gets better. Nope just played a guy with 1100 points. These devs have no clue how to structure PvP interactions.
It can’t just be stupidity this lvl of bad has to be on purpose to make people pay more. But when paying wouldn’t help they just make it bad
A 20 cost matchup would still leave open 10 legendaries that could run the board and kill everything anyways

Have you tried to figure out how to deal with it? Or are you just going to complain that people have put in more effort/resources than you?

Because last I checked, a recently starting out person should have access to all the resources meeded to compete at a top level.

The game is currently very well balanced now that Regalion has been released. However, when you have less respuces to deal with things, then sure you will have issues.

Now, if you complaints are about matchmaking, then consider that there aren’t a lot of people playing. I’d say about 1000. If those 1000 people are people that are playing because they have reached the point where they can compete in pvp with each other, then the overall powerlevel of people in pvp is going to be higher. This isn’t a devs not know what they are doing issue, this is a game population issue. Which is an entirely different issue. One that requires advertising.

So long story short, the reason that you keep running into opponents like that is because there are simply too few at your level. Smart use of gems and time will get you to the point where you can be able to compete with the lower leveled people that have lots of legends.

An alternative is to simply get better at the game with what you currently have. How many moves do you think in advance when you play? How much foresight do you have? I personally can see 3 moves into the game with branching paths when I’m not actually trying to focus on it. When I am making an effort, then I can see 6 or so with all the branching paths.

I have spent a total of $0 on the game due to the fact that gems are too expensive. I managed to hit top 10 players using only 2 legends at one point. Any complaints about P2W are invalid due to what I have accomplished.

The top player on the leaderboard right now is top not because he has all the monsters, but because he is miles better at the game than everyone else. 90% of the time all his games are one sided stomps in his favor as he knows exactly what to do in order to take advantage of what he predicts is the weakness in your team. This is pure skill. Not $$, $$ can’t buy brainpower.

Learn the game, then come complain about its systems. Game is not p2w at all. It requires effort.

Lol always an idiot who ignores everything and just says get good.
Saying it’s not pay to win lmfao. Other people have 10 and more legendaries that are fully evolved meanwhile I have 1 (which seems like the worst legendary.) Shadowhunter dies in 2 hits cause it either gets sleep killed or timestrike.
Fighting only people that are 10 times better than me might make sense once but not every time 24/7.
Fighting teams where 3/4 in the lineup have instant 1 sec skills while I have 0. Can’t strategize anything when my team constantly gets stunned or their monsters can give team turns.
Just because u didn’t pay money doesn’t mean other people didn’t.
Do you think where your at now should be able to play someone who’s at 2 weeks in and only has basic monters. None of my eggs had good synergy abilities like poison massacre or sleep all.
My best insta kill combo is throw then bloodcrave
I put in a 1 cost peon to pay for the kill combo then create a duplicate for another.
Not an idiot but I have 0 chance in PvP since every enemy can kill at least 2 of my monsters before I even get a chance to attack

Zard I’ll agree that knowledge of the game makes a huge difference. I can compete with a lot of guys running 10-12 mid level legs with the 5-6 I have that I find useful. I’ll also agree that to be a top player you need knowledge and resources. However, I don’t think OP was talking about making it to the top levels. I got the sense they meant just win some matches. And if you only have 2 or 3 legs, you simply arent going to beat someone who has deo, Delug, TTer, etc. Unless that person is completely stupid and makes every possible mistake.

PvP very much rewards the P2W, but that’s what the devs are here for. This P2W players keep the lights on. Old timers with experience and the right set of legs can also compete, but it’s just frustrating for newer players, esp F2W, to come in and get matched with the pros. That shouldn’t happen and there’s no point in even getting that matchup unless you are a neomon prodigy with just the exact right mons for that particular opponent.

I still maintain that PvP would be best off with a team cost limit or legendary limit. But that wouldn’t reward P2W and it would seem like punishing the old timers who grind. But, based on what I read in these forums, those experienced old timers would still kick us young hooligans in the butt.

Let’s “say” it’s not pay to win, Which every app nowadays is. If you think otherwise your deluding yourself.
These people earned their 10-12 legendaries why is an expert allowed to play a (noob) I’ve tried 60 games and maybe 6 where actually winnable. The rest were blowouts where I was down to my last 4 when I could only kill 4-6
After doing everything capable from my monsters
At this point based off the front 4 monsters that have been on most teams I quit because I have no counters for them
Just fought someone with maxed chronox. I can’t even evolve Hime once. Sit there and say there’s something I could’ve done when his team was all 6 star legendaries
Just because u got lucky with hatching monsters doesn’t mean that’s how it is for everybody

Right, I think what you mean is there’s simply no point in matching LeBron James against a high school basketball team. You simply don’t want these matchups to even happen. Zard makes a great point that will likely mean a lot of time you won’t find a match, but what is the point of getting paired against a 206 team cost running the best legendaries in the game. You’ve just gifted that person the VP and cost yourself a ticket.

Again, I reiterate, I don’t think anyone here is trying to demean the top players. Or get to the top rankings for thay matter. We’re simply saying the PvP system shouldn’t match a player with a 110 team cost and no legendaries against a 206 team cost stacked with the best legendaries. To overcome this, limit the team costs or leg counts. The top players will likely still be top and good players will be able to compete no matter their leg pool.

Capping legendaries would still mean the 4 best legendaries vs someone with 0.
I don’t even think about getting top 100, I just want some wins to get gems to get some decent monsters

At some point there’s nothing thay can be done. Both my accounts I restarted 40+ times to make sure I started with a legendary. Technically nobody had to have *0* legendaries.

If they limited team cost tho, you’re going to win some matches. There are plenty of people playing who have no clue what they’re doing but have bought a full team.

How do u restart to get a legendary?
I know they don’t mean instant win cause mine is no help. As I said anything I try and do with shadowhunter leaves it vulnerable to insta kills. Meanwhile enemy teams can double assassinate or just bloodcrave when I have no counters and all my kill abilities cost lots of time or don’t even fully kill. Their protector killer or desperate strike will do 100% health.
They really shouldve assigned power ratings to monsters. Cause even if cost caps where put in you could still have just 10 10 costs vs 16 weaker monsters that would still get wrecked

It depends on if you’re android or iPhone. Android users can just go to settings storage apps neomon clear cache. IPhone users supposedly have to delete and restart. Then roll Randolphs 5 free gems plus the “sorry gems”. Keep restarting until you get a decent leg. Pro tip, close and reopen in the middle of the Leo tutorial to skip the will tutorial. You lose Leo but who cares long term lol.

Woah woah woah, timeout. Your Shadowhunter gets timestriked? Are you Ultraluxing people? Or do you just take stun a lot? Stun can pretty easily be avoided, just bring plenty of absorbers.

That’s a great point. Get a Bitterbeast or Flyther up there. BB is great tho because overwatch keeps him from remaining stunned to oblivion.

Your assuming I have monsters capable of this. I do have flyther but it doesn’t fit with other monsters and the only monster that I have is flaredon the fire hippo thing. Even if I where to use these tactics I might win 1 more out of 50 since this only solves 1 out of 10 problems when fighting all legendaries

If you need stun protection, which you do in this meta, then flyther fits. Bitterbeast is availavle to all through the Elian monster hunting.

I agree with you that something should be done to make PvP more competitive, and I don’t mean to sound harsh, but at some point you just have to learn to work with the team you have. No, you’re probably never gonna beat a team of 10+ legs, esp if they’re good ones, and I’m not gonna try to make it sounds as easy to as others here have tried to make it sound, but the in game mons like Chronox, Bitterbeast, the 4 starters, the 3 in game super epics and the 6 trials will equip you to win some matches. If you still can’t win, join a clan and learn.

Yes they should adjust PvP, no winning is not impossible with the in game mons. Plus shadow cat is great.

If I had ignored everything, then I wouldn’t have posted in the first place.

Again, you’re complaining about how you can’t suddenly be able to fight against people that have put in time or resources into the game instantly as soon as you get access to pvp.

Did you even read my post? I made a very good case on why you run into those guys and you ignored it. Calling the game P2W and being unwilling to adapt or improve your own skill.

Sure, you have played for 2 weeks and have 1 legendary. Now you’re complaining because you can’t compete instantly with people. You are 2 weeks in, 2 weeks. 2 weeks is not a long time at all. Most people you will run into have spent way longer than you. Even if they spent money, they still have to spend a bunch of time ultra evolving legends. Way more than 2 weeks.

Yes I said to get good, but are you actually making an effort to do so? You said that shadowhunter feels useless as it gets stunned or sleep killered. Have you decided to adapt and change your team? Or did you come here to complain about P2W in a game that is far better than some of the others out there. I personally was patient and waited and improved my skills to the point where I can give any player a very good fight. Sometimes I will win, sometimes I won’t.

Just for your information, the timestrike superepics are some of the strongest ones. You have to figure out how to use them though. You don’t always have to have a 1 cost monster at the end of the team, often that is a waste. Instead put something that will benefit your team a lot if you do or don’t throw it. Stun bombs are good candidates.

Be patient, people don’t get to the top of pvp in a day. You’ll get there, be patient, don’t let your emotions get the better of you. :slight_smile:

Read my post again, I gave a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why you would run into people like that. In fact, I would commend you for running into them, as that means that the people that you do run into that have the same monster pool that you do aren’t skilled enough to compete with you, so good job there.

If you want to have a 1 legend fight vs me(I’ll use 1 legend) then get the LINE app and we can coordinate something. Pvp is one of the best parts of the game and I don’t want you to miss out.
Keep going!

Well said, Zard. I didn’t realize OP was 2 weeks in. That’s pretty impressive to qualify for PvP that quickly.

I maintain PvP would be more interesting with some sort of leveling. I always match my team cost and legend count to my friends’ when we PvP and that makes for a much more fun experience for all. I’m guessing you might agree based on your invitation to OP to play you with only 1 leg.

I, too, would be willing to PvP you Gledr and match your team cost and leg count to ensure a fair fight. I also invite you to join our Line group as you can learn a lot there. Check your PMs for more info.