PvP Amazing Monsters and Disconnects

Hello all,

I was playing for a long time with my original iPad but got a 4th gen about 4 days ago and managed to get my save game on (I have despite a lot of farming still only 2 starters and no hatchlings).

Anyway, now I am involved in the PvP situation, which I know is being abused by cheats who are ruining it for everyone…But anyway, I just faced someone with a load of monsters I have never seen before, The likes of GoldHorn and Subzeratops plus a load of others. I know there are rewards but these monsters are totally new to me…I didn’t even think Subzeratops was released til tonight!  

Any clues??

Also, I keep taking a battering then the opponent gets disconnected and I win…what is causing this?


Also, add me if you fancy a battle!


All those monsters are available in gold eggs. Some people have gotten lucky and stopped it on a good monster. Others have worked out how to time the eggs, to get what they want from them. These people are not cheats. However, there are some h ackers that are ruining the game for absolutely everyone. These people are going to be removed by the admin in the next app update, which will be available asap (although they have said this will be probably january at the earliest).

The disconnecting problem is a known bug that the admin are working to fix. You’re lucky if you keep getting given the win, enjoy it :slight_smile:

^great post.

Now, there is also a bug that occurs when you win. Sometimes, you will lose when you defeat an opponent. But that’s rare.

Well then, good luck with your future battles~